Every Pakistani Can Relate to These 8 Life Experiences That Make Us Say "Lo Jee Lut Gaye!"

Every Pakistani Can Relate to These 8 Life Experiences That Make Them Say “Lo Jee Lut Gaye!”

A long list goes up when you think about things that make Pakistan truly Pakistan. Besides everything, you cannot forget about all the times and all the unpredictable ways you have been looted. Seriously, it is not only confined to the conventional ways of getting mugged or alike; the “looting experience” goes long and much vast in meaning and examples.

A total #LoJeeLutGaye moment can happen anytime and anywhere. Today, we are going to make you recall all the #LoJeeLutGaye moments you have faced living in Pakistan. So, let’s begin…

1. Topping up your cell phone with Rs.100 credit and actually receiving half of this amount after tax deduction and what on earth not


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2. Your favorite kurti that now costs Rs. 2000 under 50% discount actually cost the same a week before

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3. Not getting a pair of earphones with a mobile that costs a fortune

*I sold my left kidney for that!*

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4. The mighty zinger didn’t turn out to be “as mighty as advertised” after it didn’t even fit the size of your palm

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5. Refueling up half your tank only to find out it’s empty the next hour!

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6. A bag of chips containing 90% air, 1% chips and 9% flavor topping – the biggest #LoJeeLutGaye moment ever!

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7. The “new collection” a shopkeeper tricked you into buying turned out to be the same old crap from 2015

This video shows exactly how it happens in REAL LIFE:

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8. When you buy the best biryani in town and it has no Aloo

Lahore se aye ho?

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Sed lyf, bro.

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