LUMS Students Want To Replace Malala With Bilal Khan As Their Convocation Speaker?

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The Nobel prize-winning activist, Malala Yousafzai will reportedly be the keynote speaker at Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) this year’s convocation. A Twitter user, Rabia also shared on the social media website that “Malala is going to be the keynote speaker for our convocation. This is perhaps the only good highlight of my 2020”.

Though the university management hasn’t made any official announcement about it, LUMS students are divided over Malala’s presence at their graduation ceremony. There are claims on social media that some students are preferring singer Bilal Khan over Malala at their convocation. WOW!

But, we aren’t sure which Bilal they are referring to but if we aren’t wrong it’s singer Bilal who can speak on such prestigious occasion.

The 22-year-old Nobel Prize winner has recently graduated from Oxford University. She had expressed her joy and gratitude after completing her degree from the prestigious institution.

Twitter divided over Malala’s being the keynote speaker

There are conflicting views about Malala ever since she was shot on the head by the Taliban in 2012. Soon, she left for the UK and find her second home there. However, keeping different views in mind, LUMS students have been sharing their feelings about Malala being part of their big day.

Well, Bilal must be feeling very lucky as chosen over Malala by the prestigious university students. We are eager to know more about how Malala and Bilal will react to such news.

Currently, another well-known educational institution in Lahore, Lahore Grammar School (LGS) is also one of the top trends on Twitter as they are dealing with a harassment case. Minor girls specifically of O and A-level students have made allegations against their four male teachers for harassing and ‘making double meaning jokes’ in their co-ed classrooms. Actor Omair Rana who was also part of LGS faculty has also been accused of sexually harassing students.


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