LUMS Invited Youtuber Lord Aleem As A Guest Speaker And People Lost Their Cool

Lahore University of Management Sciences, easily the top ranked university in Pakistan, was subject to a lot of critique and cringe by the general masses of the country on the social media platforms.  The issue? LUMS had invited a famous Pakistani born Youtube artist known as Lord Aleem from the United Kingdom, to address as a special guest speaker for the LUMS’ Entrepreneurial Society’s “Drive Your Passion” seminar.

Aleem Iqbal, whose father runs a luxury rental car business in the UK, himself drives a Lamborghini. Famous for the quote he created: “Don’t shout your success, let your Lamborghini make the noise!”, Aleem has been subject to a lot of criticism. However, Aleem’s credentials aside, when social media got to know that Lord Aleem was to address the seminar as a guest speaker, well, a lot of people lost their cool over the standard of LUMS’ speakers and Lord Aleem’s credibility.

The reason? Simple. People think that Lord Aleem DID NOT deserve to address the seminar. There is nothing entrepreneurial or special about him, as he has no success to show other than being born in a rich household. His father had opened him the business he now runs “successfully” – many are comparing him to a Desi young version of Donald Trump.

 Things really got out of hand when people criticized Lord Aleem on Twitter. Instead of ignoring trolls or students, he decided to reply the queries of people in an unusual and unprofessional manner, as said by the audience.

The banter went back and forth for a long time. However, Lord Aleem did attend the seminar as a guest speaker and there were many people who actually sided with him and liked his speech. The fact remains, Lord Aleem is a successful businessman and entrepreneur at a very young age, it doesn’t matter how he got there, what matters is that LUMS thought of him as a deserving candidate to speak.

At the end of the day:


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