Somebody Has Put Up LUMS for Sale on OLX and We Are Worried Why Chars Is So Sasti

If you think you are too cool or tough for the effects of doing drugs, just know that somebody actually put up LUMS – yes, Lahore University of Management Sciences, where your Maa/Baap so wishes you to go and study – for sale on OLX.

At first, it seemed like someone was doing the same, old, weary trend of putting up things for sale on eBay, like they have done to Wahab Riaz, Lahore Qalandars. Turns out, it was a legit ad.

So, guys, you don’t need good grades or clear the test; all you need is nine hundred and fifty million rupees!

Source: OLX

“lums university in lahore fr sale serious persons contact…” Beautiful, just beautiful!

Source: Tumblr

So, if you are worried about your semester or actually do not like your university, do not worry because it’s up for sale now and somebody may acquire it. Somebody on a high dose of sasti chars.

Did you notice the time and how wrong they got the numeric text? Somebody was really high.

Maybe this person is kind of butthurt and not happy about their time in university. Maybe this person did not actually get an admission in LUMS. Someone’s seriously not having it at all. You do not actually come across such things on a daily basis.

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