Updated: LSE Student Ali Shewa Shares ‘Truth’ About Viral Video With Dean

Ali shera LSE

Earlier a video from an online LSE classroom had gone viral which was being conducted virtually in the wake of the pandemic.

Social media users, including LSE students had been running a trend under the hashtag #BoycottLSE after the Dean Dr. Sohail Zafar allegedly trolled his student.

Now, the student in the viral video Ali Shewa has given his statement. Ali says that it was a friendly exchange after the class between the student and the Dean.

He emphasized that someone had cut the video according to their likes and doctored the context of the conversation.

Furthermore, Ali Shewa added that people need to have more empathy in these tough times. To create issues for others is not what this pandemic teaches us. Moreover, Ali notified that the information given about him being from Swabi is correct, but he lives in Lahore.

Ali said that he had a stable internet connection, which was not the issue at hand.

Parhlo has been getting dozens of messages from LSE students stating that apart from the video, LSE professors create issues for everyone. This incident serves as one of the self-realization for one of Pakistan’s most renowned universities.

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