LSE Dean Trolls Student From Swabi Facing Technical Issues, Twitter Says #BoycottLSE

With no end in sight to the COVID-19 pandemic, education has become one of the most debated topics in the world. Students from around the globe have been sustained to online classes only.

A third world country definitely differentiates in nature with a country that might in Europe or North America. From the infrastructure to technology, everything is worlds apart.

The education and facilities in Karachi, Lahore or Islamabad, will definitely differ from those in Balochistan or a place like Swabi, KPK.

LSE Dean insults student, Twitter angry

The case at hand today revolves around the Lahore School of Economics and its Dean, Dr. Sohail Zafar. LSE students have been sending a video viral that showcases Dr. Sohail’s rogue nature while speaking to students.

LSE Dean Sohail zafar

Source: researchgate

A student who belonged to Swabi, KPK, had returned home after in-person classes were canceled. Consequently, he had to take the online classes being offered by the university. Subsequently, the student demanded cancellation of online classes because the software for online exams would not work properly on his laptop.

To this, the dean in a sarcastic manner replied saying: “you are a non-serious student, who does not pay attention to his studies.”

Furthermore, the Dean then says to the student that he knows ‘how poor the student was’. He asks the student to buy a new laptop for Rs. 40,000 and if he cannot afford it, he should have got a new laptop on rent from Swabi.

Additionally, since the video went viral on social media, a trend has been going on under the banner of #BoycottLSE. The Lahore School of Economics remains one of the most prestigious and trusted institutes in Lahore. Moreover,  faculty members will start treating students like this, then there is room for trends, like #BoycottLSE.

Since then, the reaction against the Dean has been strong as well



Moreover, one student further revealed that LSE had doubled the syllabus for the term in a bid to fail students. This means that they would have to repeat the course next semester and pay an additional fee for it.

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