Looking Up!

Looking Up!

Looking Up!

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This story has been submitted by Sidra Imtiaz.

♟”Hey, you’ve always been there to listen, do you want to be heard as well, for a change?”

♙”Really? But I have shared my stories with you. It’s your turn now.”

♟”No, not like that. Tell me something different about yourself”

♙”Haha! Different like what?”

♟”Something that sounds a bit familiar….. see life is….. not so perfect….. challenges….. ups and downs….. can you relate?”

♙”Oh, that? Yes, of course! That’s what life is all about.”

♟”Right. So, go ahead and share. You’ll feel better.”

♙”Sure! Do you also feel nostalgic while looking back to the old times, memories of life…”

♟”Yes but tell me something about the present like how’s life now?”

♙” It’s good! Trying out new stuff and…..”

♟”Wait, no! I mean, are you okay with this life? Any changes you want?”

♙”Yes! I want to spread positivity everywhere and…..”

♟”What??? Okay see, we are in a game that I started by involving several people without letting you know. Now, you have to play it. To score better, you have to prove yourself while the rest of us will judge and mark your scores.”

♙”What are you talking about?” Who is ‘Us’? And what’s that game all about?”

♟”Just play! Ain’t you interested in politics?” *laughs*

♙*Takes a long pause*
“But I don’t like games. What are you up to?”

♟”See, life is a game and we are all players. We either lose or we win.”

♙”Well, in my perspective, life is a series of learning experiences, collecting memories, spreading smiles and…..”

♟”But I hate your smile. Anyhow, forget it. Let’s play the game.”

♙”I don’t want to play…

I misunderstood ‘Us’ and realized it’s ‘me’ and ‘them’. I feel so tired, I just want to go home.”

♟”You don’t have the caliber to play that’s why you are coming up with such lame excuses. You just don’t understand. Ever.”

♙” What if it’s like I don’t want to understand anymore? Remember once I asked you to make me understand? “

♟”Hahaha! Well, kids are funny. Ain’t they?”

♙” Maybe, but I like them. At least, they are genuine. They do make silly mistakes but their intentions are pure. I adore them.”

♟”Oh! That’s why you like being in a world of your own. What was that? The Moon, the Stars, etc.” *winks*

♙”You always miss out on something while I am trying to convey my message symbolically. The deeper meaning that comes with it…”

♟”Well apparently, there’s nothing to explore out there.”


“Haha absolutely! It’s just a story of so many years of my life trying to seek an answer to a question belonging to a single mystery.

The mystery of those who appeared in a blink of an eye and then disappeared.

….. But why did they come if they weren’t meant to stay?

I kept asking the same question to the Moon and the Stars but no one answered till I got tired!

And now, I just silently look up and feel a sense of belonging. It still soothes my inner self and the best part is that they stay there with me.

Hey! Can you hear me now? Yes, you right up there! Thank you for being present while I speak. I will join you one day and then maybe, you will give me the answer to my question. But you’ll have to because I’ll come so far and you just can’t be silent like always, or elsewhere will I go then? So, be there when I come!”

*Looks around realizing it was just them like every single day.
She. The Stars. And the Moon. Nothing else changed except that the silence grew even more chaotic than before*

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