“Look No Further, Those Real Heroes Are Our Teachers.”


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This article was originally submitted by Noor Mehal

The world we live in is a much better place, a place that is adorned with the compassion of evangelists, the voice of the courageous, the vision of the idealist, the devotion of devotees, the kindness of messengers, the dedication of guardians and the generosity of donors, the resolve of our fighters and the prayers of our well-wishers. Look no further, those real heroes are our teachers.

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Imagine a world without teachers. Imagine how detoured our lives would have been if we were left at the mercy of our own decisions. Reckon the rudder lessness, we would have been subject to if we had no path paved for us. And now, think of the reality and how disoriented our visions would have been had it not been our teachers around. Ever witnessed how flocks of sheep behave when their master loses sight? They go on wandering in the wilderness. Searching their way frantically.

Unfortunately, we often fail to acknowledge the presence of teachers, let alone value their contributions. This is only because we know their selfless devotion knows no other way. However, what makes them unique is the wisdom they carry in comprehending our rigidity and more so, our failure to recognize their role yet they never give up on their responsibility.

They choose the hard way and give out care as selflessly as possible.

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On this teacher’s day, my message to the real change agents is to keep marching on with the same zeal, turning their heads up in strength, and energizing the fervor beyond bounds for it is the spirit that they carry that lends us light in these dark and tiring times.

Keep instilling in the masses, a deep sensitization of the values, the values of Unity, Faith and Discipline. The values that let us stand against tyranny and wrongdoings for it is the voice that teachers raise, which helps them build on the standards of their followers.

For that matter, let there be space for students to question the norms.

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Let them evaluate the reality of disillusion and question their purpose, let them inquire about the practices and ask why it happens, let them see why it is so, let them change the course of conversations and be open thinkers, let them crack the code and be fighters of change, let them be their authentic selves, let them be the strugglers, let them be the future curators, let them offer a voice of disagreement.

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Stand by them, for they need your hold

Let them breathe without any mold

Talk to them, but use no scold

They are children, meant to be bold

Pick them up when they need your control

For you are teachers, who have a role

And that is how you achieve your goal

Thanks for choosing to be teachers for we would have not survived otherwise. For a life worth living is to have messiahs around, the messiahs in the form of teachers. The YOU in us.

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