“Mischievous Variant”-Loki’s Two Episodes & It’s Breathtaking

Marvel Cinematic Universe surely took off their ride and headed to the TV Show world. After their WandaVision success debut in this journey and with the average run of Falcon and The Winter Soldier. People were excitedly waiting for their favorite Marvel character TV Show “Loki”.

Fans knew it will raise the bar from every level and the day it got released it surely crossed the bar. The first episode nailed it and showcased on what level Marvel Cinematic Universe can do to entertain their fans.

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Marvels loving to expand their old villains and create alternate routes to the world of their lives. That’s what they did with the WandaVision and now with Loki.

MCU Loki-Two Episodes & More Surprises

As everyone Loki series takes place from the where the mischievous Loki got arrested while taking over the earth that made the avengers assemble for the first time in history.

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The story goes on with the time cops captured Loki, where he was questioned for his actions and declared his Tesseract theft illegitimate.

You cannot expect some typical story from the MCU, as Loki was captured the agent Mobius (Owen Wilson) see the possible potential in Loki and take his chance to offer some duties regarding the most difficult case.

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The interrogation room scene nailed it, with the dialogues and exchange of conversations

Loki forcefully had to watch the highlights of his life, which he might not get the chance to live. He tried to remember all those events, even seeing himself being dead at the hands of the Thanos.

You might get the chance to see the three separate Lokis and no doubt MCU’s experiment truly working.

Don’t worry, you won’t get any spoiler from us because it’s just an overall review. After all, the way MCU ending their episodes you cannot spoil in words. The story, direction and the way they created a whole new pilot for Loki is exceptional.

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Episode 2, In Search of Variant

Last week Loki’s episode two aired and no words to explain how unbelievable it was. Even Marvel’s Kevin Feige himself said, “Putting Loki into his procedural series became the Eureka moment for the show.”

Episode two starts with Sasha Lane as C-20 with her squad of TVA Hunters reached as they have been reported about the variant in Oshkosh, Wisconsin during the period of the 80s.

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Loki currently at TVA and learning about the Nexus Event. If the event crosses the red line and won’t be able to reset it then it’s surely the “Destruction of Sacred Timeline.”

There’s no shame in admitting that Loki has been involved in many of the ambush incidents and that’s what happens. People are after the Loki variant and he’s trying to become a good cop as the timekeeper to save the world.

It’s true, saving word doesn’t go with Loki, because he’s always been the chaos creator and putting himself out of the worst situation.

Expert Reviews:

Eric Degan’s said The first two episodes involve Mobius convincing Loki to pitch in – giving Wilson and star Tom Hiddleston time to develop a quirky, cantankerous chemistry a la Men in Black’s Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones.

Verne Gay from the Newsday said, “Loki ” really is just a character study of one particularly complex and – as Loki fans will attest – fun character. Moreover, a second season has been ordered, so the potential for “variant” timelines – and do-overs – multiply from there.

Nick Allen targeted the impressive storyline which no doubt it is. In a different timeline, Loki would have made for an excellent Christopher Nolan movie. But in the timeline that you and I share, it’s an exciting and genuinely inspired addition to Marvel storytelling.

Loki has reached another level and helped MCU to place its flag in the world of TV Shows. Because with just two episodes, it got 9.1 ratings on IMDB and that’s something no one expected. Not only fans, but critics also loved the plot, characters and there might be some surprises too.

So, just wait for another episode to get stunned and digest what exactly happened.

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