See The Extraordinary Within The Ordinary – Logical vs Creative Thinking

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Research has shown that the human brain works in a dual process. Half of the brain is more logical whereas half is creative. The left side of the brain is capable of doing the structural and logical analysis. All the problem-solving methodologies that you have learned over the years are part of the left side of the brain, however, the right side is more artistic in nature.

Most of the creative thinkers use the right side of their brain. The love of nature, arts, music, painting and beauty comes from the right side of the brain. The left side is worked in a logical, sequential, rational and objective way whereas the right side works in a random, intuitive and holistic way. Many people are of the idea that a person can either be a creative thinker or a logical thinker but the question is if one can be both?

Logical Thinking


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Logical thinking is based on the concept of Patternicity. It is the tendency of a human mind to construct patterns and to look for patterns in everything. Many human beings are inclined towards logical thinking as our education system is based on the same pattern. We encourage logical thinking from the day a baby is born by limiting his/her creative ideas and forcing him/her to adopt the logical behavior.

Due to the upbringing we all have had, we are logical by nature but when we become independent, people’s expectation and the world’s demand is for us being more creative in nature.

Creative Thinking


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The biggest hurdle in the way of creative thinking is logical thinking. Logical thinking is based on pattern making and when you cannot find a pattern while resolving a problem, you pass through different phases like confusion, stress, discomfort, anxiety, and anger. However, there are few techniques which can help to let go of the pattern making process. Some of them are;

  1. See the extraordinary within the ordinary:

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It is a method in which one has to view the problem at hand in a different manner. Once we observe a problem statement, our brain starts making patterns to resolve it which leads us to no more in many cases so one has to stop the left side of the brain and break all patterns of thinking of something extraordinary within the ordinary.

  1. Move away from the dominant idea:

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One of the other techniques is letting the traditional idea, regarding a problem, fade away and think of it as something entirely different from what is it being perceived at the moment by others.

  1. Reversal:

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One of the most common techniques being used in the fashion industry is reversing the pattern. What was being used in the 80’s has become a trend in the current era. It is simply going in the opposite direction.

  1. Analogy:

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Another technique to be creative is to combine two distinct elements to create a third element. It is to find the analogy. Using two already developed solutions to come up with a third solution.

Creative thinking is not that hard and creative thinkers are not born with such abilities. The human brain has the capability to perform both the logical and creative thinking. It’s on us how we nourish it. It is not ability, a skill or intelligence, in fact, it is an attitude and the only key to resolving a difficult problem is to have the right amount of patience and tolerance to observe. One of the greatest thinkers of all times, Albert Einstein once said;

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious”.

So it is time to ask yourself, Are you a logical thinker or a creative thinker or now, maybe both?

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