Famous Phrase “Log Kia Kahain Gay?” And How It Keeps Us Within Our Social Boundaries

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A lot of dreams are shattered, a lot of goals are sidestepped and many feelings are suppressed only because of this famous phrase we hear which is ” log kia kahain gay?”.

Fortunately, our younger generations are standing against this mindset and bringing a change in our society.

Source: Imgrum

Modest World Of Our Past

But, this is not as fortunate as we think, and this change is not as good as we imagine. This mindset has saved our society from a lot of disasters in the past. A decade ago, people learned to compromise in their relationships because of the fear of society, decent professions were given priority and modest dressing attires were preferred. It was a world where elders were given importance.

A World Where Everyone Is For Themselves

Not caring about what other people think has, to some extent, caused selfishness in individuals.  They do what they want without thinking about the cultural norms which often causes them to cross the social and cultural boundaries.

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Live-in relationships, declaring oneself as homosexual, unacceptable professions, breaking marriages on petty issues and vulgarism is now a big part of our Islamic society.

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A man is by nature a social animal. This means that no one can survive in isolation. When we part our ways from the socio-cultural norms we belong to; we embrace isolation. For the time being it feels like we are living our life our way, but have you ever imagined that why is there so much frustration and unhappiness in our society? Weren’t the people before us that were concerned about what ‘log’ might say, were happier?

Source: Imgrum

I personally think that to some extent, this fear should exist in our societies, to make our younger generation more compromising and patient and to make them fear to lose what they have in life.

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