Quran Describes Resurrection Day Using Locusts Analogy

locusts in quran

Recently Karachi has gone through a rare occurrence where swarms of desert locusts descended over some regions of the city. There were zillions of the locusts flying over people’s houses for over half an hour, nonstop. Citizens were scared and worried about where these were coming from and where they were destined for.

In the history of the city, this was the first time people had seen something like this. So, the first thought that came to people’s mind was whether this was some kind of ‘Azaab’ from Allah (SWT) or some ‘Qayamat ki Nishaani’. Firstly because it was really abnormal to see them be in the city which is not their usual habitat. Secondly, because people who knew what insects were making up this flying army knew previous nations have been through the ‘Tiddi Dal ka Azaab’.

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These two aren’t the only reasons that instigated such thoughts in the sane minds. Another one comes from the Quran. In an Ayat of Surah Al-Qamar, Allah (SWT) has mentioned the locusts. The more shocking part is the way these insects are used in an analogy for the resurrection day.

“Their eyes humbled, they will emerge from the graves as if they were locusts spreading.” – Quran 54:7

Continuing to explain where they will be heading towards.

“Racing ahead toward the Caller. The disbelievers will say, ‘This is a difficult Day.'” – Quran 54:8

There is a reason Allah (SWT) has given the example of locusts to describe the day of resurrection because after these insects are born from the ground they start gathering in enormous quantities of millions. Each swarm has the potential of covering 1200 square kilometers. After which all the locusts start flying in one direction. Their emergence is so grand that they cover the entire sky.

This exactly gives us a glimpse of the day of resurrection where the dead will also rise from the ground and billions of people will be running in one direction looking like one enormous herd.

Until today the believers had not personally experienced this example. But now that they have seen the swarms of locusts flying over their city with their eyes and felt the horror. This analogy has become more real to them.

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Hence, it is very likely that this could’ve been an actual ‘Qayamat ki Nishaani’.  Maybe Allah (SWT) has given his believers a chance to reflect upon themselves before the time comes.

It was, however, a really majestic view to watch so many of them together. The kind of moments where all that exclaims out of us is ‘Allah-o-Akbar’. Since they have been living with us on the same earth for as long as we live in such a huge population and yet it is now that we get to see them.



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