Here’s What Might Happen If Lockdown In Sindh Is Extended Till April 21

lockdown extension

Sindh Education Minister Saeed Ghani said that the lockdown rules will be revised on April 14, paving the way for a little leniency. He also said that the lockdown will ‘still remain in practice’ but few sectors will be given conditional permission to resume work.

There are also speculations about lockdown in Sindh will be extended for another week as the coronavirus cases surge in the past few days. However, there is no official announcement by Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah yet, but the news has already created havoc among the citizens.

It’s been almost a month in lockdown, now citizens have gradually begun leaving their homes to go to work and interact with each other. Though it’s not a sensible practice to do during the ongoing situation, frustrated citizens are now caring less about the lockdown.

On Monday, the traffic flow on different arteries of the city [including Sharae Faisal, II Chundrigar Road, MA Jinnah Road, Tariq Road, Rashid Minhas Road, and University Road] swelled more than what had been observed in the last two weeks.

People to defy lockdown extension

Moreover, while police were set up across the city, but they too are not hindering the movement of citizens. Law enforcement agencies seem exhausted. Or maybe people just cannot stay at home for such long periods of time.

Meanwhile, Sindh government spokesperson Murtaza Wahab also said that he himself had witnessed unusually high traffic flows in the metropolis. He also tells the sensitivity of the matter through Twitter so that people take care of all the precautionary measures set by the government.

Also, there are reports that hospitals and the leading doctors in Sindh have also recommended to the Sindh CM to extend the lockdown. In a meeting with Murad Ali Shah at the CM House, doctors and health professionals suggested not to ease the lockdown conditions. The virus will spread like wildfire if the government lifts the restrictions. If limitations on social activities were removed, the spread of coronavirus would not be controlled, they warned.

Sindh Traders Alliance on Sunday has also announced to open all markets across the province from April 14. Sindh Traders’ Alliance member Sheikh Habib in a statement said that they have decided to cooperate with the Sindh government during the lockdown situation and have taken back their earlier decision of opening the markets from April 6. Now they said they will open the markets on April 14 despite the lockdown.

Economic loss due to lockdown

These are extraordinary times. Economies all over the world, including Pakistan, have come to a screeching halt.

During every major economic crisis in Pakistan, the wheels of the informal economy have chugged along. The tens of millions of workers who rely on daily wages are left with the bare-minimum income. The rest at the behest of aid ration supplies.

In many ways, it was the concern for what awaits vulnerable segments of society that Prime Minister Imran Khan has to consider to waver on a country-wide lockdown.

In recent days Pakistan’s federal government has also started to take action to deal with the economic crisis. Rs. 1.2 trillion economic plan is ready with a focus on minimizing the economic damage on vulnerable segments of society.

#lockdownextension becomes the top trend

However, on a lighter note, citizens are not happy if the government extends the lockdown. #lockdownextension has become a top trend on social media. As the news float about the possible government’s plan, we came across some interesting memes on lockdown extension.

People still await the government’s final decision about the lockdown extension. Government is equally under pressure to handle the situation across the country.

We understand that the lockdown has become quite frustrating for many but precaution is better than cure. Let’s hope and pray that we come out of this crisis as soon as possible and without any further complications.


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