Locals In Khyber Apologize As Govt ‘Updates Software’ Of Locals Who Dug Out Trees

kpk locals apologize tress

Yesterday, all hell broke loose when a viral video showed locals in Khyber, KPK digging out freshly planted trees in PM Imran Khan’s latest plantation drive. The video received an extremely negative response from the general public due to which the KPK locals had to apologize for the trees they dug out.

Till yesterday, it was unclear as to who was responsible for the faulty directives. The locals said that the land was under dispute, and the government only took permission from one faction of the tribe. Thus, the other parties came into action and dug out all the freshly planted trees.

However, as of this morning, elderly locals of the tribe in KPK who own the land, have tendered a public video of apologizing to the PM of Pakistan for digging out trees. In the  video, elders of the tribe can be seen standing together on the same land rendering their apology.

“We are thankful to the District Management and the Government for the plantation drive they have started. To plant trees in barren lands is a great initiative by Prime Minister Imran Khan. Unfortunately, some people who wanted to stir up a storm dug out the freshly planted trees yesterday.

We apologize to the government for what happened yesterday and we are thankful for starting this tree plantation drive in our area. Those who caused trouble yesterday, we will Insha’Allah look into the matter and take them to the task. We are sure that the government will not spare them as well,” a local of the area said.

KPK Locals return to plant trees


Gepostet von ‎محمد شارق پاشا‎ am Sonntag, 9. August 2020

After the apology, another video surfaced from the same area, in which locals of Bara-Khyber in KPK could be seen planting the trees on orders of district administration. It is pertinent to add here that this is the same place where trees were dug out yesterday.

Now, instead of government authorities, the same people who had dug out the trees were now planting them back. This is a classic case of up-gradation of software, as famous in Pakistan.

Other than this case, the Billion Tree plantation drive across the country has been going on in full swing. People have been taking part in the great cause, wilfully, and not under any pressure. As for the miscreants who dug out trees in Bara-Khyber in KPK, it has been assured that they will be dealt with strictness. Together, we are looking forward to a cleaner and greener Pakistan, a safer Pakistan for ourselves and our children.

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