Local-Road to Sustainability

These couple of years have surely taught us to look inwards. In Pakistan, there has been the same inventing and reinventing.

In Islamabad, a restaurant has opened which uses fresh organic veggies and fruits to make delicious food for their customers.

The majority of ingredients are sourced from local vendors. And their aim is to provide organic and fresh foods to its customers.

Its unique isn’t it?

That’s why, we have interviewed this new restaurant that has come up with this unique idea to offer the best quality food by using organic veggies.

In Conversation With Local!

1. ‘Local’- tell us about the thought and the idea behind such novel concept of restaurant in Pakistan.

The idea behind Local is simple, we want to use as much fresh and locally sourced ingredients as possible, along with promoting local business.

2. Consumer-consciousness has amplified, no-doubt. What kind of clientele do you usually observe at Local? How is the response so far?

We have a variety of clientele at Local which is the best part. The menu is small but carefully curated so that there should be something for everyone. The response has been very good and it’s encouraging to see how many people are conscious of eating organic.

3. We would like to know how local farmers are benefitted by a local and sustainable eatery.

Our fresh produce is coming from the local organic farmers and we give their details on the menu so everyone who wishes to can order directly from the vendor for their home.

4. Tell us about the cost-effectiveness of the venture. Especially after the recent flooding, has the availability of local and law produce gone down or is it smooth?

It has not been a cost effective process with prices increasing constantly. The organic vegetables are more expensive , however the idea behind this was to work within our system to help each other and create sustainably.

5. Since it is an effective preferment of sustainability and usage of local products, how do you see it helping the environment around you in general?

Promoting local business and especially organic foods is the way we can help the environment.

6. What would you suggest to someone who plans to start a sustainable food venture with local produce?

We would say it’s the perfect time to start these ventures . A mutually beneficial business and the clients are also learning in the process so it’s a win win for our country.

That’s all you get to hear from this special place where organic food seekers can experience the delicious charm of goodness.

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