The Way The Social Media Team Of This Famous Local Eatery Replies Is Extremely Shameful!

A brand’s customer service is perhaps one of the most important, yet easily neglected areas in the world of business. When it comes to branding, customer service plays a profound role in setting a target high. While consumers may not feel inclined to give their support to the brand due to their own personal taste, customers still value the good services in the good books.

However, in Pakistan, we have seen a number of brands having a tarnished reputation because of their customer services.

This local fast-food eatery, largely known for their seafood variety, just crossed all the lines of discipline because of the way their social media team is interacting with the customers. While these comments are carried out by the brand’s Facebook page admin, what seems surprising is how no one, from the eatery, is keeping a check on what is happening.

Facebook group: SWOT

Following This Post, Here’s How The Brand Is Interacting With The Locals!

SWOT Facebook Group

While One May Not Agree With The Customers, There Is A Way To Interact When You Are The Voice Of The Brand!

SWOT Facebook Group

And Calling Someone ‘Hater’ Because They Are Voicing Their Concern? Mature.

SWOT Facebook Group

While this trolling may look fun and it may even be defined perfectly as ‘no publicity is bad publicity’, it is definitely ruining the customer reputation of the brand.

This Isn’t Even Remotely Funny!

SWOT Facebook Group

Isn’t it your job to inform the customers what they are asking?

Not everyone is a ‘hater’. People are just giving their honest feedback which the brand is not taking the way they should. As the representative of a famous eatery, it is their duty to take criticism in a constructive manner rather than bashing or mocking them. Perhaps the brand needs to train their team how to handle criticism and give them the basic knowledge of how they are representing the entire brand on their own on social media.

Precisely, This:

OPTP Facebook Page

What the team fails to realize is how while two, three people may call them ‘savage’, there are hundreds who actually hate the way they are interacting with the customers. This is creating a negative image of the brand, based on how a bunch of immatures with no sense of customer handling are running the page.



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