Are We Living In Jinnah’s Dream Pakistan ?

1. “You will no doubt agree with me that the first duty of a government is to maintain law and order, so that the life, property, and religious beliefs of its subjects are fully protected by the State, if we want to make this great State of Pakistan happy and prosperous we should wholly and solely concentrate on the well-being of the people, and especially of the masses and the poor.”


Source: Wakeup Pakistan, Facebook

2. “Brotherhood, equality, and fraternity of man – these are all the basic points of our religion, culture and civilization and we fought for Pakistan because there was a danger of the denial of these human rights in this Subcontinent”


3. “I want you to keep your heads up as citizens of a free and independent sovereign State. Praise your Government when it deserves. Criticize your Government fearlessly when it deserves, but do not go on all the time attacking, indulging in destructive criticism, taking delight in running down the Ministry or the officials”


4. “We do not demand Pakistan simply to have a piece of land but we want a laboratory where we could experiment on Islamic principles”

People dance to the beat of the house music at Centrifuge, a Pakistani underground rave party at a farmhouse on the outskirts of Pakistan's capital, Islamabad early July 15, 2012. REUTERS/Stringer



5. “Without education it is complete darkness and with education it is light. Education is a matter of life and death to our nation. The world is moving so fast that if you do not educate yourselves you will be not only completely left behind, but will be finished up.”



6. “We must develop a sense of patriotism which should galvanize us all into one united and strong nation. That is the only way in which we can achieve our goal, the goal of our struggle, the goal for which millions of Mussalmans have lost their lives.”



7. “Pakistan is proud of her youth, particularly the students, who are nation builders of tomorrow. They must fully equip themselves by discipline, education, and training for the arduous task lying ahead of them.”



8. “I have always maintained that no nation can ever be worthy of its existence that cannot take its women along with the men.”



9. “We should begin to work in that spirit and in course of time all these angularities of the majority and minority communities will vanish”



10. “We are now all Pakistanis–not Baluchis, Pathans, Sindhis, Bengalis, Punjabis and so on–and as Pakistanis we must feel behave and act, and we should be proud to be known as Pakistanis and nothing else.”



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