A 10-Year-Old Girl In India Was Raped By Her Stepfather – She Is Pregnant Now! Horrific

The rape train in India continues to go in full speed without any barriers in its way. This time, another disgusting incident has taken place. It seems that women, especially little girls, may have to find safe haven elsewhere because the country’s society has collapsed into a pit of inhumane acts.

The incident took place in the Rohtak District of Haryana, Punjab, India. A 10-year-old girl was repeatedly raped by her stepfather and now she is 20-weeks pregnant. The girl’s mother complained to the local police station that her husband kept raping her 10-year-old daughter. On this, the police took action.

Source: cnn.com

Now the issue is that India has an abortion law, which doesn’t allow women to get an abortion, it is restrictive. This law has been criticized by Indians and the rest of the world because it sort of gives immunity to rapists, who later on force the issue and marry the girl they have impregnated.

A medical board who judged the little girl said that her pregnancy was not life threatening and that the court would have to decide if she needs an abortion or not, according to what the laws of India say.

Source: cnn.com

Rape in India is something that cannot be ignored anymore. Women are not in safe in India and that is a fact, proved by incidents, facts, and figures. It was found by the police that the girl was being raped by her stepfather every day and was now pregnant. “We found the girl in very miserable condition,” said inspector Garima.

The girl and her mother worked as laborers in Haryana and the 20-something-year-old stepfather would rape his daughter when the girl’s mother would not be around. “She is traumatized and not able to speak properly,” Dr. Dhattarwal said. “She was not able to understand what was going on with her. She was subjected to sexual intercourse several times.”

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The inhumane and horrific incident has sparked outrage on India’s social media as women, in particular, want an end to the devilish Indian male dominance that forcefully overpowers itself on them. India needs to wake up and they need to do it now.

Let us hope that women in the sub-continent are given more respect in time, even though the conditions in Pakistan differ to an extreme extent. The animals who live in India need to be brought to justice and given such harsh punishments that they limp whenever they think of raping somebody.

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