How a Little Effort Changed the Life of a Khwaja Sira – ‘Chaand Miya urf Chandni’

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My name is Alaa Shakir. I am a graphic designer, Quran student, and also a teacher. Since a very long time I’ve been thinking about bringing a positive change in our society and that’s why I started working on the most neglected beings of our nation – Khwaja Sira. People may laugh at them, but I believe by guiding them, we all can see an amazing change in our country.

I started working on them 6 months back, and today I’m going to share a story with you all. Here’s a story on Taubah, which I’m sharing with you, this Ramadan. Alhamdulillah, the picture on right is recently taken at Haram ( Makkah). It took 6 months for me to change the life of this hermaphrodite ( Khwaja Sira). Story of “Chaand Miya urf Chandni ”

“After the death of my mother last year, the only thing that used to pop into my mind was, how should I repent of all my sins and how should I leave this wrong path? I wish that May Allah invites me to His house and I will never look back to the things I used to do as I want to repent for all my sins at Haram and this is my wish”.

After my conference in January, I held different sessions for them with the help of Mashaiks and this person started to change. He asked me, “Is it possible for people like us to visit our holy places? I said, “Why not? You make dua sincerely and He ( Allah ) will call you”.

Now with the help of my parents, close friends and their families we’ve sent him to perform Umrah Alhamdulillah Ya Rabb! The reason behind keeping his right picture blurred is that because once he’s back; nobody would tease him. Before leaving for Umrah, he said to my family and I, ” May I repent and die at Masjid e Haram or Madina”.

He will now be doing Dawah work once he’s back here In Shaa Allah. My message for everyone is we all need guidance and a helping hand because we all are equal in the sight of Allah. May Allah accept our efforts and his Umrah. Ameen. May Allah make our Muslim Ummah and Pakistan stronger. Ameen!


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