You Need To Listen To These Pakistani Beatboxers Who Are Doing A Pretty Kickass Job!

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It is a grave stereotype that the Pakistani youth mostly aspires to pursue Engineering or Doctorate as major career paths while remain heedless towards versatility and flexibility to execute one’s abilities on other platforms. However, the youth of Pakistan is much more diverse than that.

Beatboxing is nothing new and has been around for quite a long time. You must be familiar with top beatboxers in Hollywood and elsewhere, assumingly, you enjoy their beats a lot.

Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

Pakistanis are a race apart in music. Whether it be any form of music, people here especially the youth aspires to put the best of music out there is. It is evident of many credible efforts who pursued their talent and abilities and are now dominating the stage!

But have you ever seen the scope of beatboxing in Pakistan?

Where our people have tapped almost all kinds of potentials, how can we leave beatboxing untapped? Provided that one has to have a keen interest in hip-hop and RnB music, beatboxing is pretty much in full swing in our country.



If you are a fan of beatboxing, then your wildest fantasy of seeing your fellow Pakistanis putting the best of beatboxing performances is coming true.

We have shortlisted a number of beatboxers. Check their work out because they are really making a sound effort!

1. Fayyaz Valani

Have you ever listened to beatboxing about the latest viral trends on social media?

Well, meet Fayyaz Valani because this guy just did it. He has covered the all viral, “cash me ousside, how bow dah into a beatboxing remix. It is funny all over again!

2. Mohammad Azhar Mehmood aka BeastBox

Presenting “I Am Sexy & I Know It” like you have never heard before!

Azhar is a student from Karachi and the founder of Beatbox Pakistan. Thanks for the shoutout, man!

3. Jaffer Sunny aka JaysonX

Here is Jaffer from Karachi at his best, performing at an IBA event with Taha Khan.

is originally from Gilgit and resides in Karachi.

6. Roham Hassan

He is from Hyderabad. Check Roham’s beatboxing video below because this one is really hard to tell if it is not from a contemporary beatboxing artist from Hollywood.

7. Taha Khan

Did you see the other guy in the video featuring Jaffer Sunny? Well, he is quite a surprise package. Taha Khan from Karachi already seems to be a professional because he’s killing it at his game.

Check out one of his videos:

8. Osama Shahid

Osama from Karachi is a beatboxer top at his game. Check out his video, it is really hard to understand how he catches up the pace at which he performs!

9. Saad Imtiaz

He goes by the title, “Imtiazing”. He is another in the list of brilliant beatboxers from Pakistan. This guy is really making it look easy!

10. Bilal Rehman

This is Bilal from Karachi and he really makes it all look effortless. You might begin to think how close he is to a top professional and as if you were already in a dance club.

11. Meer Behroz Jamali

A beat boxer from Quetta! Yes, Quetta; you might not have expected that to come.

Find out what makes Meer special:

12. Ata Rahman Abbasi

Okay, you might have across Ata Rahman’s beatboxing video before. Such is the talent of this guy that many people already know him. He is already killing it beyond measure with his work!

13. Asfandyar Junejo

Meet Asfandyar, who is credibly known to be one of the best beatboxers in Pakistan. Talk about our very own beatboxers and do not forget him!

Check out his video, he mentions that he’s just testing but my word, what kind of test was that?

Others include Sami Ur Rehman, Taimour, Shabbir and Yahya Zaman!

These guys are putting out a real effort. We appreciate them coming out and doing what they love and doing it so well.

What do you guys think about these beatboxers from Pakistan? Hit in the comments!

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