You Need To See This List Of The Best On-Screen Pakistani Drama Couples In 2016!

Best On-Screen Pakistani Drama Couples -

The Pakistani drama fanatics this year got to see a number of amazing drama serials and called dibs on their favorite on-screen couples as well. While we saw a number of drama serials airing on different channels, there were few on-screen couples who managed to create a magical chemistry that blew the audience away.

Developing chemistry is very important when it comes to giving life to the story-line which ideally revolves two or more people linked together. While there is no doubt that the entertainers are extremely talented, sometimes, we fail to see a spark in their on-screen performance together.

Having that said, there some notable performances by actors and actresses as couples that the viewers enjoyed watching. In particular order, following are some of the best on-screen couple performances in 2016.

Note: Sorry guys, there won’t be any Mannu And Salluddin from Mann Mayal because let’s face it – they were awful and we do not want to hurt Jeena’s feelings.

Best On-Screen Pakistani Drama Couples -

Farhan Saeed As Arsh And Urwa Hocane As Meeran – Udaari

Best On-Screen Pakistani Drama Couples -

The recently married couple couldn’t hide the amazing chemistry which they shared in reality too while shooting for the hit drama, Udaari. While the characters in the drama shared different backgrounds and did not have much in common, the way their relationship evolved, amidst all the issues concerning their loved ones, seemed amazing and natural. Both characters complimented each other once they felt feelings for one another.

Humayun Saeed As Mohid And Mehwish Hayat As Anmol – Dillagi

Best On-Screen Pakistani Drama Couples -

There is a thing about Humayun Saeed – he definitely knows how to build chemistry with whichever co-star is staring against him and in Dillagi, Mehwish Hayat and Humayun Saeed shared magical on-screen moments. From hate to love, the sort of cliched love story had its own share of ups and downs and the characters knew how to make it look as natural as possible.

While Mohid was deeply in love and Anmol was always trying to get him off her back, how the two fell deep in love and how their love became stronger due to issues was a thrill to watch because of the amazing performance by these two.

Zahid Ahmed As Haider And Saba Qamar As Mishi – Besharam

Best On-Screen Pakistani Drama Couples -

If there is one on-screen couple I thoroughly enjoyed watching, it has to be Zahid Ahmed and Saba Qamar in Besharam. The strong, yet soft-heart of Haider and the willingness of Mishi to start a new life that had absolutely nothing to do with her lifestyle showed how the couple, even with a lot of differences, were willing to work on.

Beautifully written by Sarwat Nazeer, the realistic twists and turns between a family and between the couple made their chemistry outshine to an extent that they became the talk of the industry through their performance.

Imran Abbas As Ramish And Ayeza Khan As Elma – Tum Kon Piya

Best On-Screen Pakistani Drama Couples -

Probably one of the most different and unusual love stories we have seen this year is the story of Ramish and Elma in Tum Kon Piya. Being Elma’s guardian angel, Ramish knew what his role was in Elma’s life. While the typical role of Ayeza Khan seemed too cliche, the actress managed to add a lot of element to it.

The duo made it completely natural and the audience couldn’t stop themselves from relating to the feelings these characters as a couple went through. The rare love-story couldn’t have been depicted better by these two extremely talented and experienced entertainers.

Sajjal Ali As Rana And Feroz Khan As Adeel – Gul-e-Rana

Best On-Screen Pakistani Drama Couples -

The couple who also happens to be in a relation, in reality, shared great chemistry in a complicated family drama, Gul e Rana. The drama showed Rana needed a man like Adeel in her life all the troubles she had been through. While there were many ups and downs, the couple shared magical moments on-screen.

Here’s to hoping 2017 would be an amazing year for Pakistani drama series and we will get to see new couples as well.

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