6 Promises We Need To Make With Pakistan

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‘Is mulk ke liye to jaan bi hazir ha’, ‘mera tan man dhan sub is watan pe qurban’,’Pakistan jaan se bi zada azeez ha.’ These are the statements we have been studying, writing, reading and listening since our childhood but when it comes to practical acts, do we really fulfill the commitment towards our country? Do we actually act upon the duties that we are entrusted with?  I feel sad to say that we certainly don’t! 

Pakistan – a country that we love to own without paying anything, a country that has given us our identity without demanding anything in return, a country that has taught us the literal meaning of freedom, a land that has endowed countless blessings upon us!

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So my dear Pakistanis, 14th August is just around the corner, and we all are hell excited for another Independence day Alhumdulilah! All the zeal, enthusiasm, patriotism, courage and love for the motherland has revived yet again! This Independence day, apart from all the celebrations, let’s make some promises with our motherland and let’s gain that determination and courage to fulfill these commitments!

1) Be a proud Pakistani! 

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This is rudimentary but extremely important as by this quality further commitments will be fulfilled. Only if we feel proud and happy about being a Pakistani while the whole world may refer to us as terrorists or extremists, we are and will strive hard to make our image better in the world’s eyes but we need to start from within.

2) Obey the rules and laws! 

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Yes, all the rules and laws. I’m focusing on the traffic rules and citizenship laws basically. Let’s make a promise not to violate even the smallest or let’s say most trivial traffic rule. Let’s make our roads organized and well maintained. For this, we all have to be tolerant and patient enough and this is exactly what we are deprived of. Also, do not avoid citizenship laws. Do not drive a vehicle if you do not own a license. Do not do things that are prohibited for an under 18 had to do!

3) Keep your motherland clean and green!

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One of the most important issues to be addressed. Dear Pakistanis, please do not litter anywhere on this land even if it’s a wrapper of a straw. Let’s keep this country clean and green.

4) Be Honest! 

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Honesty is the best policy. Let’s try to act on this from now on. Let’s be honest in every single field of ours, whether you are a student, a teacher, a businessman, a doctor, a shopkeeper, a carpenter, plumber, electrician or whatsoever. Adopt honesty!

5) Respect each other

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This is something really important as in this era of social media and other social platforms where you interact with people that may possess entirely different opinions from yours. Let’s be tolerant towards one another and respect other’s point of views.

6) Strive hard! 

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Last but not the least, let’s work hard. As The Quaid-e-Azam said, “Work, work and work until you are bound to succeed”


So my dear Pakistanis, let us work together to make our country a better and prosperous Pakistan. Let the change begin from within! There is so much to eradicate, so much to be worried for and so much to feel sorry. But we also have too much to thank for, too much to count as blessings!

Pakistan Zindabad! 

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