Things We Learned After Chester Bennington’s Suicide

Linkin Park’s singer Chester Bennington committed suicide and left us all numb. TMZ reported that the 41-year-old hanged himself at his home in Los Angeles on Thursday morning. As soon as the news broke the internet was obviously shaken with grief and many remained in denial as they did not want to believe this. This for sure is a very sad news for everyone born in the 90s, as a part of their teenage died with Chester.

He committed suicide on Chris Cornell’s birthday

Chris Cornell, an American musician, and a friend of Chester also committed suicide. Chester sang at his funeral and left everyone in tears. And today on his birthday he commits suicide himself. This really shakes you to the core.

This is terribly sad.

You really don’t know how to feel about this.

Depression is hard to understand.

Robin Williams, Chris Cornell and now Chester. Depression is not something to be taken lightly. If you see anyone depressed, just go talk to them no matter what is it, before it is too late. As mentioned in the tweet, if it can take lives of these legends who have spread happiness to the world, it is pretty damn real.

Chester was gem of a person.

Reading these tweets by him really breaks your heart. It makes you wonder how bad the depression can be to force such a kind person to commit suicide.

And people realized something after this.

Mental illness is real and should be taken seriously. This really isn’t a joke.

Talk to them and help them through it. If there is one thing that Chester’s death can teach us, it’s to care about the people around us and be there for them.

Chester left behind a family.

Six kids and a wife. Chester, the world is not a better place without you.

We have no idea about anyone’s suffering and we don’t know what drove Chester Bennington to suicide. But if there is one thing we can do after this incident, it is to help the people around us. May his soul rest in peace, he surely is in a better place now.


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