Lindsay Lohan Kick Starts Her 'Religious' Renewal By Wiping Clean Her Instagram Feed!

Lindsay Lohan Kick Starts Her ‘Religious’ Renewal By Wiping Clean Her Instagram Feed!

The early 90s-early-2000s folks reading this article would be quite familiar with the name of Lindsay Lohan. The actress still reminds us of one of the best, the meanest and the most comical movies, Mean Girls.

Before this, Lohan won hearts of children all around the world in 1998 as a child artist by working in The Parent Trap.

After doing a couple of more films and making her name in the entertainment industry, Lohan gave singing a shot and her song Rumors, just like the entire debut album was a massive hit.

Eventually, Lohan’s career hit rock-bottom. Each day there were news circulating how she was caught driving under influence, caught in possession of drugs, jailed for a few days, lying to the police officers and what not. On the record, Lohan was admitted to at least 7 rehab centers as her addiction to substance grew out of control. It was common for Lohan to attend trials and to appear for court due to some legal obstruction. She was also charged for stealing jewelry and had to roam around with a tracking ankle monitor for some time.

Amidst bad breakups and losing her contracts and movie signings, Lohan couldn’t deal with the mess that was too much for her to handle.  For 8 years, the talented actress was circling around probation, community services, jail time, miscarriage and what not. However, all of that seemed to have calmed due to one of her practices: studying Quran and Islam.

In the search of finding peace in her life, Lohan revealed several times how she is a spiritual person and Quran is helping her in numerous ways. In 2016, Lohan spent a lot of time in Dubai and Turkey where she volunteered her services to help the Syrian refugees. During her stay in Turkey, she shared how the United States criticized her for embracing and learning Islam. “I was glad to leave America and move back to London after how people in the US commented on my interest to study Islam. I felt unsafe in my country. It is my own will to study Islam” – Lohan in an interview to Turkish show Habertürk


In the beginning of 2017, she informed her fans on how this year will be an amazing year for her. With all of her charity work and studying Islam, Lohan has now wiped her Instagram and Twitter account. One amazing thing she did while cleaning her Insta account is what she added to her bio. Take a look:

Instagram: Lindsay Lohan

Instagram: Lindsay Lohan

By removing all her past life’s images and adding ‘Alaikum salam’ to her bio has got everyone speaking on how she has converted to Islam. Muslims from all around the world are welcoming her to the religion.

Her representative Scott Carslen also shared how excited Lohan and her entire team is. LiLo is in a “period of renewal” and “making positive changes in her life,” which is why she’s totally cleaned up her social media.”

In this new phase of her life, here’s to hoping things will finally turn out to be best for Lindsay Lohan.



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