Lindsay Lohan Saying “Don’t F**k With Pakistan” In This Video Has Surprised LITERALLY Everyone!

Lindsay Lohan was a name that stayed in the entertainment buzz for as long as one could remember. From her acting to her songs and then, the rough turn of being in rehabs costed the sensational superstar her entire career.

Nonetheless, then came a calling for the entertainer – when she took a sober turn, left the buzz and glitz behind and also started reading on Islam. In numerous interviews and posts, Lohan often shared how Quran has helped her bring peace and closure in life.

Anyway, In Bizzar-o-World, Lohan Did Something Strange

The former actress went live on her Instagram when she discovered a Syrian Refugee family on the road. She talked them and asked them share some whereabouts. However, Lohan thought that the woman sitting with the family, possibly the mother, was trafficking these children.

Lohan recorded everything on her live Insta story and kept telling the family to leave the kids, while saying that they were being kidnapped or trafficked.

She kept asking the family where they are from but the family chose not to respond. Lohan even uttered a few Arabic words in the Arabic accent to make sure that the family understood.

Here’s a Report:

When Lohan Asked the Family Where They Are From, She Felt they Answered Pakistan, On Which She Said, “Don’t Fuck With Pakistan”

And Pakistanis Couldn’t Believe What JUST Happened

As if this video itself wasn’t weird enough…

Are We Stanning Her?

If You Need a Summary JBTW



So anyway, Lohan has not yet commented on this, despite it being days old and despite how it created an outrage. Some believed that Lohan might have been on drugs once again, given her history of abuse. Others said that one must applaud for Lohan’s caring side towards children.

Either way, don’t fuck with Pakistan!

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