Lindsay Lohan is Apparently In Sindh (Pakistan) And People Are Losing Their Mind

Lindsay Lohan’s recent Instagram post has left the world puzzled. Her post says: “Where am I?” and the location marked in her post is Lohan, Sindh, Pakistan. While a number of people think it’s a mistake, there are people who actually think she is here in Pakistan. Others wonder if she has a thing for Bilawal and wants to support his election campaign (Haha. Just kidding).

Well, here’s the post that everyone is talking about. Just look at the location marked and all those comments Pakistanis made on this post. Also, can you spot Ajrak in this picture? 


Honestly, we Pakistanis are the most creative people. Memes on social media and the comments on her Instagram post are not just creative but hilarious!! Here are some of the posts:

Some Commented on Her Choice of Dress

Well, There Were Some Who Actually Thought She’s In Pakistan…

One commented this on Instagram: “Are you really in Pakistan ???how come Pakistanis didn’t know about it .I want to hear it from Lindsay if she is in pakistan or not ????”  – Yeah right, Lindsay tou aap k mamay ki larki hai na 😀

Some Were Seen Being Sarcastic

One Got Really Emotional

A patriotic guy used this as an opportunity to tell the world how safe it is to travel Pakistan. Here’s his comment: “Pakistan is a safe place as rest of world…”

Others Started Commenting In Sindhi

“dadho mazo ayo ?”

You guys really need to check out her Instagram post and read all the comments there. We are still not sure if she is actually in Pakistan, that too in Sindh, that too in an area that many might have never heard of but we are pretty sure that she added this location by mistake. May be she had a little too much fun that night.  Anyway, whatever the case might be, the world should know that we would love to host all these celebrities and we welcome them all to Pakistan. We are a loving nation and will shower you will affection.

Let us know in the comment section if you actually feel Lindsay is here in Pakistan.

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