MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH: Cheap Life-Saving Drug Approved For COVID-19 Treatment

Dexamethasone for COVID-19

UK experts say that they have found a life-saving drug for the treatment of COVID-19 patients. The drug called ‘Dexamethasone’ for COVID-19 is extremely cheap and is widely available in almost all nations of the world.

The medicine is a low-steroid dose, but it is NOT for everyone. The finding of the drug is being hailed as a major breakthrough in world health in the fight against the deadly COVID-19 coronavirus. The health of the patients is said to be getting better in a 1/3rd ratio for patients who are on ventilators.

And for those on oxygen right now, the chance of survival is down by a fifth. Researchers in the UK are now saying that had they used the drug from the start of the pandemic, almost 5,000 lives could have been saved. Moreover, the results of the tests and trials have proved that Dexamethasone for COVID-19 is indeed a life-saving drug.


Nurse preparing medical treatment with Dexamethasone and heparin in the hospital

Dexamethasone’s approval is being hailed and praised as a major-breakthrough around the world. Even in Pakistan, the drug is widely available in local markets. Right now, it costs around Rs. 10 per injection or Rs. 100 for a whole box of tablets.

Dexamethasone for COVID-19 a ‘cheap’ find

The drug can be injected or inducted. Furthermore, Dexamethasone was being used as an anti-inflammatory drug. But now, it is the global number 1 treatment for COVID-19 coronavirus.

It is also pertinent to add here that since the drug is very cheap, people should not hoard it, or even purchase in small amounts. It is not a drug you need to use at home. One Pakistani doctor and medical expert who has worked on Dexamethasone in the UK spoke with Parhlo.

This is what he had to say: “Our team was part of the trial that’s come up with the dexamethasone results. This is a steroid and is only used in a controlled hospital environment. Please, don’t go around injecting yourselves of suggesting it to any family or friends. Unmonitored and unnecessary use can have grave side effects.

Furthermore, he stated how important it was not to hoard the drug as it will be vital for saving lives in the future. Dexamethasone for COVID-19 seems to be the light at the end of the tunnel for many. Previously, WHO had been monitoring the research on many different drugs.

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