Life Is Unpredictable And Here’s Why We Should Stop Worrying About Our Future Plans!

What is your plan in your life?

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We plan our goals for years and are unaware of what is going to happen the very next minute. We get stressed even depressed by pondering over those future plans that we make but they don’t work out the way we want them to. We always forget that we do not have power over things. We forget the fact that we have no authority over such things.

We can face a tragic accident in a second or we can experience joyful moments the next minute– We really don’t know! Why do we stress out so much? Why do we overthink situations on which we have absolutely no control? The basic reason for all this anxiety, stress and depression is that we have started thinking that we can control things even though the reality is that we can’t!

Have we ever laughed on the plans that we make and they didn’t come off as expected?? No, we don’t. In fact, we feel distressed, demotivated and so many other negative thoughts come into our mind. Have we ever speculated as to why has this happened to us?

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Why don’t we ever think that there is someone out there who is watching us, hearing us? Even he knows what we think and desire. Allah is near to the jugular vein and we have been reading it since our childhood but the most miserable truth is that we do not have complete faith in it.

We don’t trust Him enough. We wonder why we aren’t getting a desirable job, promotion, relation in our life. We wonder why we’re aging but aren’t attaining the goals we have set for us. The point is, we have no idea what is the best time for us to get a particularly desirable thing whether it is a job, success or a relationship.

One of the biggest problems is that we face the pressure that is created on our subconscious mind by our beloved family members or even by our surroundings or by our society. Let’s take a few examples: A girl turned 25 – and the aunties of her huge family starts seeking out the problems such as why is the girl not getting married yet?

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Similarly, a boy who has crossed the age of 25 has gotten a white-collared job yet. They say, ‘Jab Main Tumhari Umar Ka Tha Tab Main Ne XYZ Pta Nahen Kya Achieve Ker Liya Tha” or “Mr. XYZ Ke Bete Ko Dekho Tumhari Umar Ka Hai Aur Kahan Pohnch Gya Hai”

The point is, who has specified the age limit of getting married or getting a particular job? These uncles and aunties don’t ever think that these comments have the tendency to shatter the self-confidence of a person. In that case, my sincere advice to the fellows is our peace of mind should be the topmost priority. Please know and understand that we are not the writers of our fortune!! It has already been written even before when we were born!!! We don’t have control over it.

We should put in our best efforts to get things done our way but if it still doesn’t appear the same way, then it’s time you wait it out. Because from this point, we need to comprehend that there is someone who has power over everything in this universe. We should remember that we plan and He plans, and He is the best of the planners.

So just let go and breathe!! Wait for the best time to come!! The time which is specified by your creator, not by society or anyone else!!

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