Life Hack 101 – Remove Hatred And Make Good Memories!


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This article was originally submitted by Ayesha Ilyas

“Things end, but memories last forever,” said Kumar Milan, the author of Things End, But Memories Last Forever, and no doubt this is a very meaningful quote.

Things come to an end, time flies, even people also pass away, but the only thing that always stays with us is our memories. Nobody can steal them from us.

Everyone has some good and bad memories. When we think about our good memories, we feel refreshed and tension-free, it brings a smile on our face. However, when we think about our bad memories, our mood turns off and we feel depressed. So we should collect as many good memories as possible.

But in the world we are living in today, there are many tensions and problems in people’s lives, many people have only bad intentions and feelings in their hearts for each other. So, how can we collect good memories in such a situation?

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For that, we need to fix these three things in our minds and should take special care of them in our lives.

These are – to forgive, tolerate, and never expect anything from anyone. This will lead to less bitterness in our hearts.

Secondly, if we create tolerance within ourselves, there will be no arguments and even the fight will also not increase. Last, but not the least, if we start forgiving, we can overcome resentment, anger, hatred, desire for revenge, and other negative feelings. Believe me, if we start following these three points, our life will become very beautiful and will be filled with good memories. Lack of tolerance, expectations and unforgiving heart breeds hatred, and hatred destroys our lives. It turns the good moments of our lives into bad.

To be honest, there is no benefit in nurturing hatred because life is too short, we do not know what is going to happen to us in the next second. Recently, on May 22, 2020, a PIA plane on way from Lahore to Karachi crashed only 60 seconds away from its destination, and there are many more such incidents. This is the reality of life!

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Ups and downs occur in everyone’s life, but don’t be afraid of them and learn from them too.

Give value to each moment of life and make it memorable because only today is in our control. Try to find happiness even in little things and accumulate good memories. In fact, it is not necessary that if we have a lot of money, only then we will be able to accumulate good memories because I’m sure we have all heard stories from our grandparents of their good memories.

While they lived a simpler life and had few luxuries, they had fulfilling experiences. Everyone lived together with love and that is the secret of their good memories. Well, unfortunately, nowadays people chasing materialist success and hating others who have what they want. And, if this continues, we will have nothing to tell and teach our children except hatred and how to be in the rat race.

The fact is, without good memories, our life is like a house without a mother because even if there is everyone in the house, the house seems incomplete without a mother.

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Similarly, life is incomplete without good memories, no matter how much luxuries we have. In fact, good memories never let us get old and they even play the role of medicine to heal all ailments. For instance, if someone is ill and we remind him of his good memories, they go back to the same moment and start feeling better, so this is the power of good memories.

Truly, good memories are timeless treasures.

We should always stay happy because our little happiness today becomes tomorrow’s precious memories. To be happy we don’t have to do much, but just remove resentment from our hearts, then automatically we will start to live happily and if we are happy, we can make others happy too.

Then whenever we will leave this world, we will be satisfied with our lives and will take good memories with others. So remove hatred and make good memories!

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