Lieutenant Arsalan Alam Satti Gave an Answer to this Girl’s Confused Thought

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I always had this thought in my mind that how could a loose foot and fancy free kinda person get up to that level of yearning for Shahadat, for ending up the life that’s only once given, for leaving the parents in a grieve of a lifetime, and if into a nuptial knot, then, for leaving behind a wife and kids who have always been looking for those footsteps?

But I got my answer to all this when I looked deeply into this. It’s when a very common man, just like one of us, puts that uniform on and takes that oath of defending the motherland at any cost, it’s this very moment which changes him completely. This uniform ascends him to another level. A level where he finds himself free from all the worldly desires. A level that can’t be comprehended by our little minds.

Source: Twitter

He sees everything in a different perspective, his desires and goals are no longer surrounded by this petty, mundane world. He is into another world. He wants to conquer the world but in a way that’s beyond our wisdom, a way which seems to be off of this world but into a world full of serenity and bounties!

Lt. Arsalan Alam Satti, you played your part splendidly and surely you all (Pakistan army) are the reason why Pakistan is still doing all well, despite the corruption mafia and wrongdoings.

Lieutenant Arsalan Alam Satti, you surely had it all! ALL HAIL TO YOU!

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