Pakistanis Aren’t Coming Slow With ‘Lies I’m Gonna Tell My Kids’ Memes!

gonna tell my kid meme

Is it meme-able? It is the new hot question that runs through the minds of the tech-savvy generation that has changed the online-communication game, to a whole new level. Creativity, fun and relatable are the rules of the game and this new meme-sational trend is smashing through the entire internet. It’s quite simple and involves the lies that you will tell your children. Here’s the catch, the meme normally includes a picture of a renown personality; could be anyone, even a fictional character. However, not necessary.

The options are endless and ideas infinite. Pakistanis didn’t miss the chance and took a desi twist on it and oh boy are they hilarious.

Pakistanis desi-fied the ‘Gonna Tell My Kids’ Memes!

Good luck! This one would be a tough lie unless your children are too young or too naive.

LOL! Liberating with one bullet at a time? Talk about bad parenting.

Now, this is hilarious and cruel, at the same time.

Oh snap! This is genius. They might start calling this couch by that name, but brownie points on the creativity.

Desi and a low-budget Aquaman? For sure.

Inzi behen playing the field! Imagine the kids embarrassing themselves and finding out the truth, later on. *Evil*

Not a lie though! Someone didn’t get the ‘meme-O’, here.

THIS Met Gala Look can never be unseen now. Pakistanis will forever call her the Indian Bil Batori; her look gave birth to so many memes. Good times!

Best one so far! Pakistanis aren’t disappointing with these memes. TLOTR fans do not take offense at this.

LOL! Whatever this means.

A good-lie! This man is equally handsome.

Anjal-a maybe? Hahahaha.

Cute! The ‘refined’ and ‘groomed’ version of him? Yessir.

Superman cringing and feeling sorry for the kids!

Ronaldo or Rula do? Haha.

Special Mention: 

It’s almost like a meme-ception. Every country is coming up with its twist on it. However, Pakistanis are known to be cheetas of such art and the memes they have come up with are sure to give anyone a good laugh. Of course, its not everyone’s cup of tea and you will find occasional tweets and messages of being fed up with this trend, but apart from them, it’s a bandwagon everyone wants to jump in. So, were you a part of this new trend too?

Are you into this new meme-trend too? Share your favorite meme below in the comment section! 

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