Do Or Die Race! Lewis Hamilton Wins Thrilling Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

Last night was epic for the F1 and especially for the Mercedes who got the podium. Lewis Hamilton won the race after the nail-biting Saudi Arabian Grand Prix where Max Verstappen tried to do anything he could to win the race.

And saying that it’s one of the most dramatic Grand Prix races in the year wouldn’t be an understatement. Because what happened last night was marvelous and no one saw it coming.

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Lewis Hamilton kept his cool and managed to secure the podium to stay in the Championship race.

Everyone’s eyes were on these two racers, but at one point Esteban Ocon took the charge after the third time race has been stopped.

Lewis Hamilton won the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

So, the battle is on and now it’s done or die situation for Hamilton. Because he had to win the race if he wants to retain his championship title and make history. On the other hand, Verstappen also needs to win or pray that Hamilton doesn’t win it.

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During the race, Max looked eagerly desperate to win the race as he went not once but thrice off the track to surpass Hamilton. At the beginning of the race, Mick Schumacher crashed his Haas at the fast Turn 22 on lap 10.

For what Max did, Redbull told him to give Hamilton the lead and he tried to give him as he slowed his pace but Hamilton hit him from the back and damaged his front wing.

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Despite being at the losing end, Verstappen was voted as the driver of the day by the fans out there. F1 cars are superfast and their insights are even insane for F1 lovers.

Race Winner Lewis Hamilton

Hamilton said, “I’ve been racing a long time and that was incredibly tough. I tried to be as sensible and tough as I could be and with all my experience just keeping the car on the track and staying clean.

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“It was difficult. We had all sorts of things thrown at us so I’m just really proud of everyone and great with the crowd.

“Red Bull have some raw pace, it was hard to overtake them, and we’ve done an amazing job. Valtteri did a great job for the team and this is for all the guys and girls back in the factory.

“It has been an amazing event. I felt very welcome here and people have been lovely here. The track is phenomenal, very difficult physically and mentally but you would not want it any other way.”

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On the incident when he hit the back of Verstappen: “I don’t understand why he hit the brakes quite heavily so I ran into the back of him. It was a bit confusing.”

On the other hand, Verstappen said, “It was quite eventful! A lot of things happened, which I don’t fully agree with, but it is what it is.

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“I tried to give it my all, I don’t think the tyres were lasting. I was lacking a bit of rubber at the end, nevertheless, still second.

“I slowed down, I wanted to let him by, I was on the right but he didn’t want to overtake and we touched. I don’t understand what happened there.

“It will be decided [at Abu Dhabi] hopefully we have a good weekend.”

Now it comes to the main climax that will be held in Abu Dhabi. The season’s finale is where both the drivers clash for the final battle. Will Max Verstappen become the youngest F1 Champion? Or does Hamilton retain his crown?

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