“A Letter from Pakistan to Taliban” – Umer Hadeed

“A letter from Pakistan to Taliban”

Yes, My heart Stopped beating 125 times today.

And you thought I am gonna get intimidated and succumb to your brutality.

Let me break this news to you….

No, I am NOT Scared, My leaders might be but I AM NOT and I am still standing tall and today I am not mourning the loss of my innocent sons and daughters.

Yes, I’ll revenge this and make you pay. Swear you have brought the wrath of Pakistan to yourself and now you run as fast as you can and as far as you want but You CANNOT hide. I’ll Hunt you down and rip your hearts out of your chests and feed them to you.

A letter to Taliban

CBS News

Govt. of Pakistan I demand to know ‪#‎whoaretalibans‬ ‪#‎WAT‬ ‪#‎whoisbehindtalibans‬ ‪#‎WBT‬ .If you (chickenshits) can’t deal with them let us know, we can handle them on our own. Remember you all morons we all will return to God one day, some of us sooner than the others, and when you’d stand before Him then neither ‪#‎gonawazgo‬ nor ‪#‎roimranro‬ would defend what you did to your people.

Finally, I request everyone not to change their DP to Black, rather use either white or our national flag as a symbol of solidarity, unity, and strength. Our kids need light, hope, belief, strength and this motherland. Let’s all stand together as bright as the sunlight, overwhelming and undeniable.

And also to show that we still celebrate the lives of our sons & daughters, who left us sooner then they should have.

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