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Remember Qandeel Baloch? Remember how we hated her? Remember tagging your friends in her videos? Making fun of her in the comments section? Remember issuing fatwas against her (after watching her videos, obviously)? Remember telling her to go die? And then remember her dying? Remember feeling bad? Remember the guilt of making fun of her, hurting her and making her cry? Why did she need to die to make us feel ashamed of doing what we did? Whether she was a hero or ‘fahisha’, we can have different opinions on that. But what we can all agree on is the fact that we bullied her, and that was very very wrong on our part.

What compelled me to write this article was a video I came across while procrastinating a paper. It was titled ‘Nasir Khan sings Closer’. Actually, it wasn’t the video, it was the comments. How can we have so much hate for someone? How can we be so inconsiderate? How can anyone say such hurtful things to someone? And please, let’s not blame it on Pakistan or Pakistanis.

Cyberbullying is a global phenomenon. Countless people have committed suicide, including kids as young as 12. It has nothing to do with our ‘nationality’ or ‘ethnicity’. The kind of people we are has everything to do with it.


Source: Outlook Pakistan

Remember the guy and girl on the motorcycle? Remember Uma Kompton? Remember the meme of a not-so-attractive guy/girl wanting to marry a Maryam/Saad/Ali/Ayesha that you tagged your friends in?

Remember issuing fatwas against someone’s leaked video? Remember preaching to models and actresses in the comments section? Do you seriously think that this is going to be ‘effective’ somehow? You do know that if you’re trying to bring someone close to Allah, you should do it with love and not judgment?

What caused us to become like this? What caused us to enjoy embarrassing others? How did we start gaining happiness from hurting others?

Yes, he sings besura. Yes, she has a weird accent. Yes, she might not be ‘beautiful’ according to your standards. So what? Why do we think we need to give our opinion on everything everywhere? Why are we spreading so much hate? Why are we so judgemental?


Source: YouTube

Do you really think Allah will forgive you for the pain you cause to His beings by issuing fatwas, spreading hate, making fun? Do you really think of yourself as a decent human being while laughing at the expense of someone’s weird accent, different looks or even low IQ for that matter?

Look into your life. Figure things out. Change. Judge less, pray more. Empower. Be happy with yourself. Be contented. Please, let’s just be decent human beings. At least decent enough to not need another death to feel sorry about our inhumane treatment of others.

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