Here Are The 7 Unbelievable Things K-Electric Is Responsible For Teaching Every Pakistani

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“K-Electric – the organization behind generating, transmitting, and distributing electrical power to over 23 million inhabitants of Karachi and Sindh” is also unknowingly responsible for spreading free- education to privileged and underprivileged Pakistanis.

According to the manifesto, free education is available at every doorstep. The education doesn’t deal with any age group as it’s on for every living soul on the land of Karachi, Sindh. The preachers do not only involve in worldly schooling but have also worked for our AKHIRAT.

Here are the major subjects of this educating system.

1)    Respect For Predecessors:

Source: Onedio

Indeed K-Electric educates us about our ancestors; about their lifestyles… how they use to live their lives without the power supply. The company doesn’t only tell us verbally but also practically.

2)    Time-Management Skills:

Source: Onedio

They give us the sensibility of managing and winding-up the work with the clock.

3)    Tolerance:

Source: Goodreads

They are spreading tolerance in Karachi far and wide. Yes, by breaking all the stereotypes, the company implies the contemporary method of education through stimuli- practice.

4)    Compromises:

Source: POPxo

They teach us how to make compromises. We learn how to cope up with difficult situations. For example,  how to eat without electricity, how to make compromises with your sleep and study in the absence of electricity.

5)    Heat Absorbent:

Source: HerFamily

The best part of this educating system is to make a person heat absorbent. We are ready and set to absorb and tolerate the maximum amount of heat and burn. The credit goes to our K-Electric schooling.

6)    Spread Happiness In Every Situation:

Source: The Indian Talks

Indeed, the best part is that they taught us the best way to be happy in every situation of life with or without electricity.

Kudos, K-School, you guys are doing a great job!

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