Lessons To Be Learned From Imam Hussain And Waqia-e-Karbala

During the time of Muharram we witness a lot of friction between a few Muslim sects. Some believe that you should let old wounds be old wounds and not commemorate them annually, while others believe that Waqia-e-Karbala is something that should never be forgotten.


We Must Not Forget That Whether You Believe Or Not There Is A Lesson To Be Learned

Not just an Islamic one but a humanitarian one as well


Yes, Imam Hussain Gave His Life In The Way of Allah To Protect The Deen, But Who Is Hussain?

Who Is Hussain ?

We know that he was the son of Hazrat Ali (R.A) and the grandson of the last messenger of Allah, Muhammad (PBUH), but do we really know what Imam Hussain represents ?

 To Stand Up Against The Oppressor

Imam Hussain teaches us to stand up for our beliefs, to stand up against tyranny, if one man is being oppressed then it is the same as every man being oppressed.


To Be Selfless…To Be Free…To Give Our Lives For What Is Right

He never demanded and desired fame or fortune just to stand up for basic human principles.


Hussain Is The Epitome Of Humanity


Hussain Is The Emblem Of  Human Rights & International Law


Hussain Faced His Worldly Demise Without Flinching Even Once

We are here to answer Imam Hussain’s call for help “Hal Min Nasirin YanSurna” and that is exactly what he would have wanted …


So That One Day We Could Live By His Example


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