What Lessons Muslims Can Learn From Jesus Christ’s Life

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One of the fundamental parts of Islamic belief system is to believe in all the prophets of Islam that came before the last prophet Muhammad (PBUH). All the prophets were sent on earth by Allah to spread the message of Allah – Truth and Guidance for the entire humanity.

Prophet Essa (AS) is one of the prophets of Islam. He is commonly known as Jesus. He is the bringer of Christianity – one of the most followed religions in the world. Muslims firmly believe in prophet Essa (Jesus) (AS) as the righteous prophet of Allah. Quran has also mentioned prophet Essa (Jesus) (AS) in several contexts to make Muslims learn from his life.

Some of the lessons which could be learnt from prophet Essa (Jesus) (AS)’s life are mentioned below:

1. Nothing is Impossible For Allah!

The miraculous birth of prophet Essa (Jesus) (AS) teaches Muslims one of the biggest lessons: Nothing is impossible for Allah! He can do whatever he desires to in the way He wants to. Prophet Essa (Jesus) (AS) was born without a father. His birth stands as one of the biggests miracles in the human history.  When Gabriel (AS) came to Maryam (Marry) (AS) – mother of prophet Essa (Jesus) (AS), and informed her about the birth of prophet Essa (Jesus) (AS), her response is recorded in the Quran as follows:


 It makes it clear that the birth of prophet Essa (Jesus) (AS) without a father happened with the will of Allah alone as nothing stands impossible for him. Besides that, it teaches Muslims that they should not lose hope even at the toughest of times, because for Allah, nothing is impossible and he can do miracles.


2. All The Prophets Are Pre- Selected!

Allah only honored a selected few with prophethood. Prophethood in Islam was not earned through struggle and hardship. Allah had predestined prophets and they became prophets in their due time. The process of prophethood ended at prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Prophet Essa (Jesus) (AS), spoke to the people while he was in the cradle. Quran mentions:



3. Pray Daily and Give Zakat

Prayer and Zakat have not only been made obligatory for Muslims alone, but Prophet Essa (Jesus) (AS), also spread the message of oneness of Allah, to pray and to do charity. The message of prayer and zakat can also be learned by the life of Prophet Essa (Jesus) (AS), while talking to his people, he said:


4. Avoid Tyranny!

While talking to his people, prophet Essa (Jesus) (AS) said:


Precisely, believing in prophet Essa (AS)/ Jesus is mandatory to qualify as ‘Muslim’. Alongside following prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Muslims should also lessons from the life of prophet Essa (AS)/ Jesus and other prophets. Muslims should try to adopt their lifestyle and approach towards life to move forward on the path of righteousness.

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