FAKE ALERT! Viral Video Of A Leopard Entering A House In Islamabad Is From India

leopard in islamabad

In the last few days, we have come across many videos gone viral on the internet from across the world with animals roaming around in neighborhoods and on the roads. Wild leopards have also been seen, according to some Twitter posts, strolling on the outskirts of Islamabad.

Recently, a video went viral on social media which showed a giant leopard jumping into a house. People were claiming that the incident happened near Margalla Road in the capital. The video was hell scary and freaked people out whoever saw it. But no such leopard actually ever entered any house in Islamabad.

The incident happened in the Gujrat state of India earlier this month and the wild animal was captured on a CCTV camera of the house.

As per the details reported by Times of India, the leopard entered a bungalow and attacked a pet dog inside the premises. However, the leopard climbed out of the house and vanished after it heard the sound of the vehicle. The incident took place in the residential society of Una in Gujrat.

According to the report, “The incident came to light the next morning when the owners of the house got to see in the CCTV footage that a leopard entered their house. The owners have lodged a complaint with the forest officials about the incident.”

People in Islamabad also claimed on social media that more leopards are being seen these days in the capital ever since humans stopped to leave their homes due to the coronavirus pandemic. Wildlife officials in Murree, Rawalpindi, and Abbottabad said in interviews that they had recorded more sightings of wild animals since the lockdown began.

Fake video of leopard in Islamabad creating havoc

Since the fake video went viral on the internet, the residents of Islamabad are horrified and are fearing that wild animals can enter their houses as well.


Leopards are found in Pakistan, but there is very little information on the distribution and number of subspecies. “There is a perception that there no longer are any leopards near Margalla Hills but that is not true,” said WWF Pakistan’s Muhammad Waseem in an earlier interview.

It is important to confirm the authenticity of any news before believing in it. The fake video has created a panic-like situation among the people in the capital. Some of them are scared but others are fascinated. They are loving the fact that they can now see live big cats.


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