Legend Taher Shah Disappears After Receiving Threats from Around The World

A news has emerged that the legendary Pakistani singer Taher Shah has left Pakistan due to security threats. Yep, the legend has been receiving threats to his life and thus decided to leave the country. Well, that’s what his management says. And they say they don’t know where he went but we probably know.

The guy has defined the term legendary and singers like Atif Aslam, Ali Zafar, Sonu Nigam and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan are no competition to the work Taher Shah has done. His hits have put to shame renowned national and international singers and their fans are full of hate and probably that has led to the global threats and the need for security. Jealousy holds no boundaries, does it?

We at Parhlo wanted to see the kind of threats are beloved viral sensation has been getting so we dived into the days after the release of Angel and we were shell-shocked. The threats not only come from Pakistan, but even the Indians and people from other countries don’t feel shy of intimidating our legend. It’s a shame that the world is full of haters who cannot digest the talent the great Taher Shah has to offer.

Well, we will here have a look at the massively serious security threats he has been getting which have led him to leave his homeland and seek refuge elsewhere.

The Threats…

From his Facebook to Youtube to Twitter; there have been threats all around. People have even asked to kill him before he lays eggs. Yep, literally people don’t want him to lay eggs. Why would they be so cruel?

Cruel people everywhere!

And Indians were having no chill either.


While there were many threatening the legend, there were others having suicidal thoughts – mainly because of the inferiority complex seeing the talent of legendary Taher Shah.




This is a major problem and rightly so Taher Shah has taken note of it. His act to leave the country shouldn’t ring any bells and remind you of what the national team’s wicket-keeper Zulqarnain Haider did when he ran to England and said he was facing security risks. That turned out to be a false alarm and he returned several years ago saying he was facing stress issues. He is very much safe now in his home country.

However, we should not judge the motive of Taher Shah and understand the kind of threats he has been facing from Pakistan, India, and rest of the world. His management does not know where he went but we probably know. His destination must be Mars. There is no place safe for our angel on the cruel Earth. Our mankind’s angel has gone to the red planet and must be making his next video by doing an eye to eye with the locals there.

Let’s sing his latest on the tune of his blockbuster ‘Mankind Angel’.

Mars……………..   Aliens……….. Mankind….

Mankind leaves Earthhhhh..

Mankind goes to Mars……

Mankind meets Aliens……

La Laa laaaaa laaa….

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