Latest Updates Confirm 76 Total Cases Of Coronavirus In Sindh!

coronavirus sindh pakistan

The novel COVID-19 sustains its cataclysmic pandemonium. Recently updated news enumerate that the cases of Coronavirus in Pakistan’s Sindh area have toppled up to 76.

Latest update regarding the Coronavirus cases!

With the havoc caused by the novel Coronavirus, the whole world trembles in fear as to what will be the final result. A John Hopkins University Professor claims that the USA has now over 500,000 patients. On the contrary, in Pakistan, the state-of-the-art reports inform that now there are a total of 94 infected patients in the country. Importantly, about 76 of the cases are from Karachi, Sindh.

coronavirus sindh pakistan

source: gulftoday

The novel virus spread from Wuhan, China on 19th December 2019. Nonetheless, the passage of time only saw this virus incapacitating severals in its wrath. Declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO), the virus is said to have infected 162,000 people around the globe. Moreover, the statistics assert that the death toll has hiked up to 6,000 and on positive grounds, 77,234 patients have recovered.

Previously, as of 26th February, there were a total of 53 confirmed cases reported in Pakistan. Sadly, until now, 61-year-old Imtiaz Ahmed is the only Pakistani to die from the virus, till now. Imtiaz passed away in Brescia, a town near to the capital of Milan, Italy.

Causing an economic bedlam!

Conversely, the even bigger dilemma is the virus’s effect on the global economy. Describing this in a nutshell, if you are infected, not only will this drain your health, but the whole situation ill be even more straining on your economic status.

With people ridden up in beds, the work pace has eventually slowed down. Precisely, fluently running businesses and the workforce in public and private sectors are near to cease, fully. Consequently, people will end up on the shore of bankruptcy, by paying over-burdening medical bills and necessary charges.

coronavirus sindh pakistan

source: samaa

What’s even more alarming is that the governments around the globe are considering it a health crisis and not an economic one. For starters, the drying of supply chains is causing businesses, running on smaller levels, to struggle. Without a doubt, the closure of factories in China resulted in a lower level of output in the country’s Purchasing Manager’s Index.

In the totally crippling world economy, it seems that the Coronavirus has somehow aligned itself parallel to the recent crude oil crisis between Saudi Arabia and Russia. The feud later resulted in the nosediving of oil prices, globally.

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