This Pakistani Girl Shares Why Teachers Need To Stop Abusing The Students In Every Way!

teacher abuse of power

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A teacher is the one person in our life whom we look up to the most, after parents. Students spend a great time of their social life interacting with teachers and eventually start to idealize them, they tend to become adaptive. Along with the passage of time we get to live different experiences with different kinds of teachers.

Since the first day of our school, we meet women who struggle day and night to create for us an epitome of comfort somewhere far from home and away from the warmth of our mothers. Love, protection, care and a pinch of strictness are what we identify as a teacher. Well sometimes, the time has other plans too.

I feel extremely dejected and also disappointed when the news is bombarded with headlines elucidating incidents of students being victims to unacceptable teacher behavior. We usually do not appreciate discussing the gloom of our society giving it an upper edge to intensify, we back off when it comes addressing our mistakes and stepping up to make rectifications. This might be a popular issue around the globe but currently to my concern is the existence of abusive teachers in my country.

Source: India Today

Just like ‘beauty comes in all shapes and sizes’ so does abuse, with many of its forms. To our basic knowledge, abuse is attempted physiologically, psychologically and verbally. These people should understand that if you need to use violence to enforce your ideas, your ideas are worthless. Brutally stepping over someone’s childhood and mental/physical health is inhumane.

We usually observe this unethical activity happening in more of the back warded sections of the society, despite that sometimes ‘literate’ people or institutions do as well come under the folds. We come across several incidents displaying doleful series of events of how teachers whip their students scooping out all their self-esteem and self-belief by carving self-doubts and gas lighting them. Being savage for students’ academic benefits is an absolute absurd excuse to justify this, given by such teachers.

Do not teach, do not educate on the cost of damaged intuitions and a shadowed personality. Slapping is not a punishment for forgetting homework, it is physical torture and unlawful. Calling your student off for not being able to understand something is forcefully making them accept that they’re dumb and lack behind mentally, which is totally unacceptable. We see many of these targets having faded aplomb, increased guilt and an overall saddened state of being. Students are not to pay for your behavioral issues.

Such teachers, woefully, do not realize that their harsh actions have a great impact on that particular individual’s life. These kids than live under a shadow their entire life and lack the power of independence throughout, they always look out for someone to save them or to depend on. Telling a certain student in front of the entire class that they do not possess the ability to do math is not only making them feel ashamed but also contributes to their relatively low performance in other subjects.

Source: News Pakistan

There’s a difference between education and studying, education is complete with nurture, and a good teacher puts in all their efforts to nurture and grow their student rather than giving up on them.

Often time’s students adopt such behaviors, they interpret relief in letting out frustration (May it be in the wrong places). They start assuming barbarity as an immediate escape for even the slightest of inconveniences. This directly affects their relationships with others such as family and friends as they start wearing minimal tolerance.

Not only does this abuse lands an individual into mental/physical illnesses, but also is a source to the increasing rates of teenage suicides. Speaking up about something that disturbs us, would make improvements for putting an end to this violation of humanity.

I want to pull out all such victims from whatever harm they’ve fallen into. I want to provide them a comforting edge because I know what being called off feels like, and when you stand alone against it helplessly, all you want at that moment is the land to burst open and swallow you down and the suffering to end. For me, power is to assist the powerless.

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