Larkay Rulatey Hain?. . . Sahi Kertey Hain!

Well, men in our society aren’t allowed to have an expressive side to vent out their inner most feelings as openly as women. Since childhood they are reminded: ‘Larkey rotey nai hain’ ‘Chup ho jao. Larki ho kya?!’ ‘Mard Ban Mard’ People complain that men are responsible for making women cry and they shouldn’t… But we disagree! I think they have the right to cry and to make us cry as well.

Here is a list of times when men made me cry and I absolutely loved it!

1. My Father

Just like every other dad, mine stood by me like a pillar of strength and support. I felt like there isn’t anything in the world I can’t do as long as he is with me. My real Super hero! For all the times he put my happiness before everything else, he left me teary eyed.

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2. My Brother

He teases you, he fights with me, he gets me into trouble but I know on the inside he’s got nothing but love for me. He just has a unique way of showing it. For all the times he supported me in his naughty ways, he left me teary eyed.

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3. My Son

Sons are always taken as parents’ ‘Bhurapay Ka Sahara’. Though they have many other responsibilities, they never treat you as a burden. For all the times my son stood by me and treated me like a queen, he left me teary eyed.

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4. My Friend

Unconventional as it maybe in our society, my guy friend is no different than family for me. For all the times he listened to my rants without complaining, protected me like a shield, he left me teary eyed.

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5. Son – In- Law

My son in law is no less than a blessing for me. For all the times he behaved like my actual son, he left me teary eyed.

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6. My Boss

Bosses are not as stereo-typically strict as they are shown to be. For all the times my boss covered up for the mess I created, he left me teary eyed.

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7. My Husband

One bond that doesn’t change with time. Their responsibility means their responsibility to the fullest. Only saying the words “I love you” don’t signify the feeling as much as these little unspoken gestures do – that too which are done genuinely out of affection – not for appreciation! For all the times my man took a bullet for me, protected me, loved me, cared for me, put up with me, had my back, he left me teary eyed!



We agree that the brutal side of the society exists, but not all men are alike. They might not show it, but at the end of the day, all are humans, all have hearts, they do feel the pain, even if they don’t show it. Let’s not generalize, let’s not stereotype! Tou Isterhan Se Rulana Zerori Hota Hai!


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