Laraib Atta Bags Oscars And BAFTA Award Nominations For No Time to Die

Pakistani youngsters are nailing and conquering their dreams by showcasing ultimate skills to the world. There have been several bright young people of Pakistan who have showcased their abilities and contributed to Hollywood.

Like Laraib Atta daughter of legendary singer Attaullah Khan Esakhelvi who has done some major works with a big Hollywood production house and let the world know her talent.

Source: Express Tribune

She had a big breakthrough at the age of 19 in 2006, where she has written her journey and destiny. Her previous works include X-Men: Days of Future Past, Godzilla, and Mission Impossible: Fallout.

She didn’t stop there, this year she’s in the air with happiness and made the nation proud. Laraib Atta bagged Oscar and BAFTA nominations for her work on the James Bond blockbuster No Time to Die.

Source: The News International

She expressed her happiness on her social media account and thanked everyone for their support.

Laraib Atta nominated for Oscars and BAFTA

Laraib Atta took her happiness on her official account, she’s nominated in the visual effects category along with her fellow teammates.

She wrote, “Thank you everyone for all your support and kind messages! The Oscar and BAFTA nominations for No Time to Die [are] for the whole marvelous team that I worked with.

I am so humbled and honored to work with such magnificent people at DNEG [Double Negative]. Special shout out to Rob who I worked with on the show. Thank you once again! Love you all.”

She added as a side note, “If I am not responding, it’s because I am overwhelmed by so many messages.”

The veteran singer also couldn’t resist expressing his love and pride over Laraib’s nomination. No doubt, it’s the biggest achievement. “Laraib, my child, once again you have made me proud. May you stay safe,” he wrote.

Laraib’s early statements, “Back in the day when I started, I was the only girl in my course. I was the youngest and of course, the only Pakistani. I don’t see a lot of Pakistanis,” Laraib shared in a 2018 interview, adding, “The goal is to get more women, young people into this and more Pakistanis.”

This year another Pakistani artist Arooj Aftab nominated for Best New Artist sets a huge milestone.

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