Lahoris Will No Longer Be Able To Use Mobile Phones In The Office And This Is Plain SAD!

Cellphones are essential, not just for the purpose of communication. But for the purpose of entertainment too. Matlab, imagine a day without a phone. Like legit no phone around for you to use for a complete 24 hours. Can’t even imagine that. Right? Don’t even want to imagine that!

Well, a vast majority of us are so addicted to our devices that the first thing the morning we see is our mobile phones. And until and unless we are not checking all the notifications and are not opening each and every app we do not get out of our bed. It’s that one monster that we keep with ourselves almost all the time. Be it the bathroom, or bedroom, no matter if we are eating or shitting, the phone stays with us.

Now, that we have grown so habitual of having the cellphone around. We keep checking it every now and then even if there’s no important thing to see. When we study or are in office. There are many people who kill the boring time in office by browsing on their phones.

But just imagine, someday your office announces to not have cellphones in your office anymore!

Couldn’t digest that, right? Lahoris are also in severe indigestion. Why?! Because anti-corruption’s Lahore office said something that no employee would want to hear.

Anti-Corruption Lahore has banned the use of mobile phones during office hours, a local media report said on Friday.

The action was taken to keep the secrecy and full privacy of the officers towards their performance of the official duties.

Wait, whattt???!!!


Imagine the pain the employees would be in!


But the main concern in that, if the employees are not allowed to have phones in the office for the main reason, that they might cause data infringement, what about the data they have in mind?! Matlab they can do infringement and theft anyway they want.

Not that this is in any way blaming the innocent employees but come on! The poor employees should have the freedom to use phones.

Okay, if not in office then at least they should allow them use phone outside the office premises? Please?!

Now, nobody really knows the strictness with which they have implied this rule, but let’s just hope that it’s not going to affect the actual employee freedom that they should enjoy. No?

So, if it was your office, and you were asked to leave your phones home and stick to the screen, what would you have done? *eats hajmola* indigestion much!

If you know anyone whose office is this strict. Tag them! Let them know they are not alone.

And if they feel like crying remembering all hardships of the office, offer them a shoulder to cry on. Hehe. Cheers! 🙂


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