Lahore Qalandar’s New Giant Bowler Is 7-Feet 4-Inches Tall!

Lahore Qalandars New Tall Bowler Beats Irfan In Height

Pakistan Super League is one of the most anticipated tournaments of the year for Pakistani cricket fans. And every year, PCB brings more developments to double the hype. And the teams also play an equal role in grabbing the attention of their fans. Especially Lahore Qalandar. They might lose PSL every time but they do win some hearts.

The team’s contribution isn’t just limited to PSL but they have been contributing to the overall asset of the game. They have been participating in the global leagues, sent young cricketers for training in Australia, carried out talent hunts and set up high-performance camps in the country. Lahore Qalandar in its course has identified young and talented cricketers and has helped them in making their game stronger.

Lahore Qalandar’s New Bowler Is 7-Feet-4-Inches tall!

This time, the talent that this franchise has picked is 7-feet 4-inch tall. And no, we are not talking about Mohammad Irfan.

Muhammad Mudassir is the new giant bowler of the country after Mohammad Irfan. The bowler even beats Mohammad Irfan with his height. Irfan is 7-feet-1-Inch while Mudassir is 3 inches taller than him.

Up till now, Irfan had been holding the title of the tallest bowler in the world. It seems like he would have to take a step down from that title very soon. And the “chotu” will have to grow up. Haha!

He was discovered in Lahore Qalandar’s recent talent hunt program. The tall bowler got even more highlighted because of his height. And now, he is hoping to get selected in the Lahore Qalandar’s team and to be seen playing 2020 Pakistan Super League.

The high-performance center is currently training the most likely new member of the team Muhammad Mudassir who will be playing as a spinner. He also hopes to represent Pakistan in the world same way Irfan did. Muhammad Mudassir believes his fitness will not halt his progress in the team.

People are already very eagerly waiting to sit in front of their TVs and tune into PSL. And not just TVs. The good news is that Pakistanis can even be on the same ground as the players to spectate the match. Doesn’t that sound great? Cricket coming back home with some international players. As good as it sounds, it is all set to happen next year.

Pakistan Super League is going to be hosted on the homeland. Like the other international series that have made us proud this year. Pakistan has hosted several international matches up till now and is also planning for more.

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