‘I Lost My Job Due To A Woman’s Baseless Claim’ – Man Breaks Silence On Harassment Allegations

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Often, false harassment allegations are dismissed as unimportant. We must believe all women, they say. Apparently, if men do not commit any wrongs, they have nothing to worry about. They are advised to assess their ‘male privilege’. False allegations, however, come at a great price, especially since their careers and reputations are at stake. A man recently claims that the harassment allegations on him are baseless and he demands justice.

In an alleged harassment incident reported on Monday, a woman claimed a man followed her and her toddler at the Packages Mall of Lahore. Taking to Twitter, she shared a video of the man that went viral within no time.

Take a look at it:

Latest development in the matter transpired when the man surfaced with his side of the story.

The man in the video introduced himself as Ameer, son of a retired domestic chef. In the video shared by his wife, Ameer claims to be the sole bread earner of his family.

“I used to work at Mitchell’s but was terminated yesterday due to a baseless video that a woman named Aroosa Rana made and uploaded with false claims.”

‘I did not even step out of my car’

“She claims I followed her, asked for her number and to sit in my car but she is lying. She was sitting in her car and I was in mine, how can I ask her to sit in my car? Secondly, I did not even step out of my car.”

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Image: Screengrab

Showing his parking token, he added, “The incident occurred two minutes after I received the token when my car slightly hit hers. I apologized to her but she flipped and yelled, ‘All of you are like this. You were following me. I know how to deal with people like you.'”

After the incident, Ameer claimed he went into Packages Mall and did his routine work. Later that day, he was shocked to see his video gone viral with baseless allegations. “I have not done any such thing, and she has falsely accused me.”

Image: Screengrab

He claimed that he apologized to the woman and explained that no damage was done to her car. “I requested her to let me go but she threatened to make me viral on social media. She took out her camera, and I looked away. As she tried to capture me from the front, I tried to cover my face with the shades because I did not want to get falsely accused.”

Here’s Ameer’s video statement:

The woman had claimed that Ameer followed her in his car and asked for her number. We now have Ameer’s side of the story as well where the man claims that the harassment allegations on him are baseless. However, the ball is now in the court of the officials who must look into this matter as both parties seek an investigation.

There’s no denying that the #metoo movement is important. There is, however, a dark side to this, as some women falsely accuse men and play the woman card to their benefit.

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