Lahore Grammar School Students Reveal Shocking Harassment Evidence Against 4 Teachers

LGS Harassment scandal

In a shocking revelation, students of the prestigious Lahore Grammar School have come out with strong harassment allegations against their four male teachers. According to details, Students specifically of O and A-level students have made allegations against their four male teachers for harassing and ‘making double meaning jokes’ in their co-ed classrooms.

A former LGS graduate has come out with proof against one of the teachers. The girl who chose to stay anonymous posted the vulgar messages she received, on an Instagram account.

LGS teachers who allegedly verbally & physically harassed minor girls for many years. Image: Twitter

The girl posted indecent pics and screenshots of the text messages sent by Aitzaz.

I didn’t expect this post to receive so much response and am so proud of the girls of LGS 1A1 for sparking a revolution….

Posted by Rabia Daud on Saturday, June 27, 2020

Since it was published, this post spread like wildfire, and many others also stood up to share their horrific encounters.

The other 2 teachers Warraich & Omar were also accused of sexual harassment.

Warraich is accused of checking out girls, making inappropriate remarks, and cracking vulgar double meaning jokes.

Similarly, when a girl complained about ‘Sir Omar’ to the management, they responded by saying it’s your fault for wearing revealing clothes.

Moreover, many also stated that complaints were made to the management but no action was taken. Only when the pictures and posts of the physical harassment went viral on social media, that only made them see sense.

‘Woh apke baap ki tarah hein’

Another twitter user came out saying when someone complained years ago the admin dismissed them saying who ‘apke baap ki tarah hai’.

After the social media outcry, the management of LGS forced to take action against the abusers terminated all 4 teachers immediately.

The question now remains, is terminating someone the solution? Why isn’t the state taking action against these alleged culprits who still roam free when hundreds were traumatized due to their obscene acts?

We applaud the brave young women who came out and spoke against such appalling behavior. The question now arises, where are our kids safe? Parents blindly trust the teachers in the school to look after their children’s well being. But who to turn to now when the teachers themselves are turning out to be the biggest predators!


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