Lahore Blast – Pakistanis Are Questioning the Motive Behind the Blast!

Just when we thought Pakistan was moving past the war with terrorism, a blast in Lahore today changed everything. Happened outside the road where thousands and thousands of Lahoris commute every day, the dreadful attack the lives of 27 and wounded more than 50 individuals.

Vice Chancellor of ITU, one of the Closets Location Near the Blast, Umar Saif Made a Tweet right after the Blast

CCTV Footages of the Blast have been Shared on the Social Media

This One is Right After the Blast

The aftermath of the blast includes numerous claims led by Pakistanis. As per the police, the officials have stated that the target of this attack was the local police. Captain (R) Police Chief Amin Wains stated that police was the target of the attack.

He was the first official to confirm that the attack comes under suicide blast. Many have stated that the bomb was hidden in a car.

Rescue 1122 stated that 9 policemen lost their lives in this blast. Additionally, it has been stated that the blast took place near the office of Shahbaz Sharif, Punjab Chief Minister. Shahbaz Sharif was in his Model Town office when the blast took place.

Pakistanis Are Coming Up with Different Theories Regarding this Blast, with Many Saying that this was a Political Move!

Political Fanatics are Coming up with All Sorts of Claims, Such as PM Using this Attack to Get out of Panama Case

To Remove the Attention from Panama, as said by Many!


Where As Many Have Claimed it to Come from Across the Border

Here’s One More Theory

And One More

The blast took place near Shahbaz Sharif’s office, which can be used as a fact this wasn’t a political conspiracy. Regardless of what one may think, it is to be noted that in a time like this, we need to stay united and show empathy towards each other. We are one nation – matters like these shouldn’t divide us!

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