Lahore Just Witnessed A Scary “Black Storm” And The Pictures Will Make Your Eyes Pop Out!

From the last two years, different cities in Pakistan have been facing climatic changes that have affected our lives in a dangerous manner. Lahore, being the first one to face the oddest of situations when it witnessed smog in the region. Islamabad too faced a lot of earthquakes in the meantime where the frequency of the earthquake was very severe but things were unharmed! Lahore, including Delhi, was affected by bad smog from 2016 and people were unable to identify the effects and causes of it.

The dense fog covered the city like a veil! Flights were canceled and schools were closed due to less visibility on the roads!  Yesterday, Lahore yet again, faced a very bad sand storm which created enough chaos and people and life, in general, were disturbed. People on the internet shared some breathtaking photos as the storm was actually very scary!

This photo of the storm arriving shows the might with which it is coming!

And this guy shot the video while people were calmly preparing for iftar!

Sand storm in Lahore!!!#Lahore #Weather #SandStorm

Posted by Lahore Lahore Hai Yaar on Tuesday, June 5, 2018

With climatic changes like these comes greater chaos! 4 people dead. That’s saddening.

Someone also made a timelapse of the storm coming. It literally took a few minutes for the blackout…

Fear Him, Who can turn the day into night within minutes and send a fierce dust storm. ALLAH HU AKBAR

One of the shocking things to know was that two PIA aircraft were badly harmed which got hit by ground vehicles in the storm

Climatic changes are the results of global warming which is caused by the pollution that is combined to make the chaos and destruction! The industries and tons of dumping from them into the sea and air pollution by thousands of vehicles is the crucial cause of all the temperature rise and uninformed climatic changes! May we all stay safe and be more cautious in saving the environment.

Let’s unite together and make this a better place to live in…

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