A Pakistani Band Has Just Dropped A ‘Corona’ Song. Enjoy!

4 paee corona song

Pakistani band 4 Paee gave an interesting touch to a popular Indian song ‘Kolaveri Di’ in their new song called the COVID Song or Corona Song. With an ongoing coronavirus crisis across the globe, the band has tried to lighten up the mood of many stressing over the pandemic.

The band comprises of four local singers. In the video of their latest song, which is rounds on Twitter, they have incorporated everyday household materials including frying pan, plastic bottle, and even a baby piano.

The song has a global message, which is to stay home and stay safe. It also tells the obvious precautions to avoid coronavirus. The tag line of the song, in the end-credits is the most interesting part which says “Divided we stand, United we fall”. The song is funny and entertaining and insisted on the message of social distancing uniquely.

About the band

The 4 Paee comprises of Raja Nabeel Banwa, Ahmer Mubashar, Talha Jamil and Usman Qureshi.

The four rose to fame in 2011 when they won the national freestyle drumming competition organized by Redbull called ‘TumTum Pa’. After conquering Pakistan, they went on with their plan of world domination and competed internationally in Rio De Janiero securing the fourth position.

Giving bromance goals to the world, 4 Paee even made the world fall in love with them with an Urdu version of James Blunt Song ‘You’re Beautiful’. The funny take on the hit song gave them huge popularity. Their other achievement include a mashup of Somebody That I Used To Know, Dil Mein Tum, Husn Walo & Jadoo Ka Charagh in the year 2012.

Listen to it, in case you haven’t heard the song.

Ali Zafar’s song on coronavirus

Earlier, singer Ali Zafar also made a similar effort where he revamped the ‘Ko Ko Korina’ song to address the corona-pandemic on social media. However, the song didn’t hit the right chord and Ali received a severe backlash for his effort.  He shared with his fans the way that how they could fight against the deadly virus.

However, the song didn’t hit the right chord and Ali received a severe backlash. Fans weren’t too happy with his song and thought that he was seeking attention by speaking over trending issues. Some also accused him of ruining the famous Pakistani classic.


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